Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random thoughts and goings on...

Well internetland, all is going well we got some much needed tax refund money and have caught up on some things as well as made a couple of semi large purchases that were much needed! Ernie got himself a snazzy new laptop (I will be getting one in a few months while he is deployed)and I am taking my desktop into the shop tomorrow cause I am so tired of it not working properly! Hopefully things will begin to look up for the old thing!! I really would rather not have to get rid of it just yet!!

Ernie and I have been discussing some of what we would like to happen for our girls in the future! We are really having to learn to compromise and work together when it comes to our girls and hopefully the mistakes that we have made (and will continue to make) won't effect our young ones! One major thing that has been on our minds is how would we like them educated! Let me say first that I have nothing against the public school system! I myself was raised in it and it did not do me any justice! Ernie on the other hand apparently thrived well in the environment! Times have changed since we were in school and unfortunately (at least from my point of view) they are not what we deem suitable for our children! There is to much going on in schools that we would prefer not to risk subjecting our children to! some of these things are starting at a ridiculously young age! One of my friends children is 11 and in elementary school some of the girls in her age group are already having sex! Cursing and fighting are additional reasons I do not want them in the public school system! Our biggest argument on why we want to home school is the simple fact of the system doesn't so much want to teach our children anymore! They are more worried about testing and scores rather than making sure our children retain the knowledge that they are learning! The spectrum of what is being taught has narrowed because of limited time, funds, and focus on competing for who has the best test scores! Private schools are just to expensive and we can not afford them (some how we are in a recession but the cost of education is still pretty high). So we have decided that we are going to Home School! We are going to start Cami now so that we can see how things will hopefully go a little bit! It is a decision that we will constantly be reevaluating and revamping! If anyone has any advice or suggestions that may help please let me know!! I am open to anything!!Oh and just to let any of those teachers out there you are not so much the system you (in my personal opinion) are being worked as much as our children are! Flame me if you feel the need! But these are my personal experiences fueling my opinion!

I have excitedly gathering things for my swap partner, Miss Ashley!!! For those that haven't read from the previous posts A fellow sub wife, Andrea, decided to host her first ever Swap and I happily jumped on the bandwagon to participate! I won't spoil the surprise of what is inside but I hope Ashley and her family enjoy the contents. And my apologies because it is going out a day late! I "made" a special thing for her and I would love to show it off (I have actually been itching to post the pictures)but I will wait patiently till She gets the package and has a chance to blog about it herself!!!

Ugh, Ernie's leave is ending and I am not ready! The end of his leave means reality is almost here! We have done the POA's and we have made the appt to go get the Will's completed! Talking about wills and stuff has taken me on the subject with my own parental units! It is depressing! I don't want to think about what happens to my parents when they pass and I really don't want to think about what I want to happen to me if I pass I know it is something that has to be done, arrangements have to be made to make sure that my girls are taken care of!! It is so difficult having to imagine who I want to take care of them and who will give them the love and stability that I try to give them! UGH reality sucks!

Ok ladies and gentleman I need to head to bed after reading some of my Google reader!! I am really starting to love that thing I wasn't to sure of it at first but it has really grown on me! good night Internetland!

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