Monday, January 26, 2009

A Few Goals!

Well I have decided to set a few goals for myself to achieve while Ernie is gone on his deployment! So if anyone has any ideas on how to make these things easier please share!

  1. Try some new crafts! I would love to try to learn something new that doesn't cost much for start up! Kinda interested in crochet or knitting but there isn't much I can make with those crafts that would be useful here in Hawaii and I am not real sure I want to start stockpiling blankets and afghans! LOL Though Scrapping and card making are fun to me the cost of keeping up with projects is rather high when you go for quality rather than quantity! I would love to learn to make hair bows and cute girlie things (figure I have two girls might as well make the most of it!) I also would love to learn to sew and am willing to make the big purchase of a machine if I can actually get the use out of it!
  2. I am going to make it a point to get out and do active things with my girls! Hiking and going to places like the beach and enjoying the age as it won't be much longer (I know I have a lot longer than I am assuming, but the time flies) before they become teenagers and won't want to do things with dear ole mom! Plus if I keep us all busy and out there the long deployment will seem to go by a lot faster!
  3. Adjust our eating habits to a new level! We don't eat as healthy as we should and I want to change that! We eat way to much fast food and Cami doesn't get nearly enough new foods introduced to her because of it! I need to change her eating habits now before it becomes to late!
  4. In addition I need to lose about 55lbs to get myself into a healthy weight range! Though I would be happy to lose 30! I know 2 of the previous posts will help with that as well! In all honesty I really need a "personal trainer" to keep me motivated and on track! But am to much of a cheapo to pay some schmuck at a gym to tell me how to achieve that goal! I know what you may be thinking 'that schmuck probably knows what he is talking about and you should listen to him' and I know this but it will take the right person to keep me on track! I need a program! Ugh just thinking about it makes me wanna eat some ice cream LOL!
As of right now these are my goals! I may feel the need to update and add more or adjust as time progresses! So any ideas or plans or advice feel free to share!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday!! A little sad!! A little late!!

So I actually started this post a couple of days before so that I could attempt to get it out on time but yeah that didn't happen! So here is just a little of what has been going on!

Well today I graduated from the Compass course! It was bittersweet! I had a great time and learned a lot of new info that either was incorrectly given to me in the first place or I had never even heard of before! I pride myself on being one of "those " wives! I want to know as much info as I possibly can (well minus the stuff that goes against OPSEC of course!) Compass was so the course for me! Not only was the info great the ladies I met were even better! So helpful and interested in sharing whatever tidbits of info that they had come across! It was delightful! So to any of the wives that may read this I promise take the compass course! If you don't come away from it with more knowledge you will come out of it with a whole new group of friends and individuals who know what you are experiencing! Those that have been there and done that are our best resource!

The Fabulous Andrea over at My Chihuahua bites, is hosting her first giveaway! She is giving a way a fabulous e-gift certificate from one of her favorite stores...Sephora! Check out her De-lurking post to see what you need to do to enter! I have entered because I could really use some new make up since Cami seems to enjoy ruining mine, so now all I have is lip gloss eyeliner and Mascara! Ugh! Not that I do my face up often but it would be nice to be able to do something! So I know recently I have posted a couple of times singing Andrea's praises! I think she is a great woman with a FABULOUS blog!! I log on some days hoping that she has posted something! She has been very sad lately though because of budget cuts her company was doing some lay offs! Andrea was sure she was going to be one of them and is very thankful that she wasn't, but still feels bad that her co-workers lost their positions! So if everyone could please say a prayer for her co-workers it would be a nice thing to do! Andrea (if you read this!) Thanks for being a great person and having a great blog!

So I kinda realized that I haven't posted much about my girls lately! I am such a bad mommy all wrapped up in my own little world! Not really but I figure a girls update is well in order!
Camille will be 3 in exactly 1 month! I am kinda sad! She has grown so much in the last 6mnths that I look at her now and see this curious young girl rather than the mischievous toddler and innocent baby that I have seen over the last almost 3 years! It is sobering and yes I actually cried the first time I looked at her and did not see that baby I held in my arms almost 3years ago!! Ugh am I really not ready for her to be another year closer to being the dreaded (dun dun dunnnnn) TEENAGER (AHHHHH) not really but I am super mommy and I will cry in my pillow at night! I have a Mommy brag on her as well (while I am singing praises) I do believe we are POTTY TRAINED!!!!!! We have been in nothing but panties now for...about a month now, and in the last 2weeks we have not had a single potty time accident! I am sooo proud of her and one day she is going to hate me for putting this on here!!! LOL she will get over it though! If anyone does have any advice on how to get her to wipe and wipe well I would appreciate that info! I try to make sure to do it for her but she is also in the "I do it myself" stage and has learned how to lock me out of the bathrooms! The other day she told me " Mommy, I is a big girl now I do it all by myself! I don't need help to go potty!!!" I wanted to cry and put her back in diapers! I WILL NOT do that though! Any advice please let me know!

Miss Addisyn is doing so well too! She is getting so interactive (well as much as a four month old can be LOL)! She can roll now and sits so well in her Bumbo seat I swear that thing is the best investment a parent can get! She still sleeps alot and is still nursing well! I had her weighed at our last WIC appt and she was 12lbs. I am going to break out the highchair soon and start giving her some baby foods! I really wanted to start giving her food before Ernie left but I don't think she is going to be ready:( But maybe when he comes home in between school and deployment she will be!

We went to the Zoo today and had a great time! Cami loves the Zoo and even though the Honolulu Zoo is not a terrific one compared to others it is a Fabulous Zoo to a preschooler who loves animals! She has 3 favorite animals the Elephants, the Giraffes, and the Hippopotomas'. I think we may have added a new favorite to that list today! Back in I wanna say October (I am probably wrong on that one) Our fabulous Tigress and Tiger gave birth to a litter of cubs and in mid Dec they were released into the main exhibit with the mother! They are soooo Adorable and playful! Cami had a great time just watching them play! Of course she loves all of the animals but her favorite is the Elephants first and last exhibit we go and see (she has to say hello and goodbye) Her Daddy bought her a stuffed one the first time we went to the zoo here! She sleeps with it almost every night!

A realization has hit me! We have less than a month before Ernie leaves for training! I am sad!!! So I am going to go and cuddle on the couch with him!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 more tonight!

Tonight I have had a few things on my mind! 1 is how excited I am about the swap I am about to participate in that Andrea is hosting!! I am just trying to figure out what to put in the box LOL I have a couple of ideas and am excited! My Swap Partner seem super nice and kinda quirky which is pretty awesome if you ask me (I myself can be random and quirky to sometimes!)! Her name is Ashley and I am excited to get to know her!

Next on my list of things is the fact that I start Compass tomorrow and I am excited and nervous! The Compass class is a mentoring program for spouses that hands out information to assist spouses.For those that read my blog who are Navy affiliated I highly recommend this course! I know I have yet to take it but some ladies I think awfully high of sing nothing but praises about it and so I have high hopes of becoming a mentor! Check out the site and give it a go! (if you are eligible for it!)

So I am not a christian person (I have my own beliefs but that is for an entirely different post) but I do pray and think that everyone should in some way shape or form! There are lots of people out in internetland who need help and prayers, tonight it was brought to my attention that this new family needs lots of prayers sent in there name to the one who control the fates! Kelly and Scott have a beautiful new baby girl who isn't doing so great! Her name is Harper and she is only a couple of days old! Her Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her and she has done nothing but make an appearance into their lives! Pure Unconditional, unadulterated love that knows no bounds! The best kind in my opinion! So Internetland I am reaching out to you now please say a few prayers for this lovely little family! Also Not just in this case but there are babies all over the world in NICU's and they all need as many prayers and messages to the gods that can be gotten to them! So I know that is alot to add to your prayer list tonight but please think about it and keep these families in your thoughts!

Ok so I am off to dreamland so I can hopefully feel better in the AM keep your fingers crossed that Addi is a perfect baby during this class and that I feel better for it too! Goodnight internetland !!!

Tuesday at the Table!

Well as much as I don't want to post about any form of food I am obligated to my friends out there in internetland!! Ernie and I are sick flu symptoms and it sucks!!! His is a much worse case then mine! I honestly think it is because he had a flu shot and me and the girls didn't! I am sure there are those people out there who would gasp because I refused to get my daughter (Addi is not old enough for one yet) a flu shot, Let me just say that for everytime I have ever had a flu shot I have gotten RIDIULOUSLY sick within a few weeks of getting it! Had to stay over night for fluids and IV meds once! Cami's first winter we were living in VA and because we lived in such a "cold" climate I opted to get her the shot!! Let me just say 2 days later she was miserably sick and I was miserable with her not because I was sick but because my BABY was beyond sick I had to give her Tylenol Suppositories to break her fevers because if anything went into her tummy it came back out with in moments of hitting the stomach! All I could do for 4 days was let this horrible mutant flu bug run its course! All Cam wanted was her mommy! I didn't eat or sleep or pee without my baby for those 4 days!!! Needless to say I am all for shots that do good! But IMHO the flu shot is a waste! (Now don't get me wrong there are people who swear by it and get it religiously! I am in no way shape or form a dr so please take any prior statements with a grain of salt and know that they are completely opinion and personal experience based!! )

Ok so now that I am done with my rant, on our Menu for TatT this week, we have chicken stew/ soup with Rice!!! I say it is a stew and Ernie says it is a soup so you decide! Fair warning though my measurements are off on this one cause I measured nothing!!!

3-4 Frozen Chicken breasts
Salt and pepper to taste
2 bay leaves
1tspn of sage
2-3cans chicken broth
1can cream of chicken soup +2cans of water
2cups frozen mixed vegetables
1cup of uncooked rice

Place first 4 ingrediants into the bottom of a crockpot; cover with chicken broth. Cook on high heat until chicken falls apart with a fork. Pull chicken out (do not remove broth!!!) and shred into bite size peices, replace chicken in crock and add remaining ingrediants, Allow to cook till rice is done! If you would rather a more soupy consistancy I recommend replacing the cream of chicken soup with 1-2more cans of chicken broth and no water!! I served with Biscuits! The next night I made pot pies with it:) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday! A Day Late LOL!!

Well our Friday was far from Fabulous! It was actually quite lazy!
We were expecting some pretty gnarly winds (55+) here in the islands so schools were canceled on five of the Islands (including Oahu)! Not that school cancellations effect us yet I just thought it was pretty funny and odd that they were canceled with out knowing for sure we were going to get them LOL that is like the school districts canceling school because they expect to get heavy snow! It was pretty cold here because of the weather but never really got any wind! I know everyone is thinking how can it be cold in Hawaii?! But to be honest if you are adjusted to the warm temperature here and it drops below a certain point (for me personally if it drops into the low 70's) it seems pretty cold and I start hunting down my hoodies!! LOL I know I should not complain considering my Parents and inlaws arre in negative degree weather! But in all honesty I commend them and anyone else who lives anywhere cold, cause VA was cold enough for me! I think if we were to move somewhere extremely cold I would never leave the house!! I am not a cold weather person AT ALL!!! For dinner to night I made a crock pot of chicken and rice stew (Ernie says it was more like soup! But he is just picky and doesn't like any kind of soup!) and canned biscuits! It was delicious check out my TatT next week and I will post my improve recipe!
Our weekend is looking pretty dull around here though to be quite honest! I am hoping to go over to a friends house tomorrow (well as I look at the clock I realize it is today) to just relax and let Cami play with their daughter and maybe even play a few hands of cards! We always have a good time hanging with Jess and her crew! So hopefully they will be available to hang out!! Sunday we have a birthday party to go to Our friend Eli is turning 5 soon and is super excited about it! Unfortunatly his Daddy is leaving before his actual birthday so the party is being held a little before to include him! We are going to be doing the same for Cami!
I will probably attempt to finish cleaning the house this weekend and fold all of our clean laundry that is daunting and making fun of me from it's overflowing in the baskets! For those that know me, know I hate laundry! I do good with the washing and drying part but when it comes to the folding and putting away part I completely suck!! As much as I want to be a June Cleaver or Martha Stewart type home maker, I am slowly beginning to accept the fact that I am not and nor will I ever be! But hey we can still hold hope for me right I am getting progressively better! Well we have filed our Taxes so keep your fingers crossed that we will get that back soon! We have lots that we need/want to do with those funds.
I am super excited to be participating in my first bloggy swap!!! One of the AWESOME Subby wive that I am privileged to "know" (I met her on my sub wives message board but never in person though I hope one day I will meet her in person cause what I know of her I love!!) Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites is hosting her first Valentines day swap and I have signed up I am super excited to see who I am sending a fabulous package to as well as I am trying to think of some fabulous things to fill her box with! I will keep everyone posted on how it goes! I am making a shopping list of things I want to put in there! I am thinking I will do a romantic evening in as a theme for it!!! Not sure yet though!! Hmmm Contemplations!!!
It is official Ernie now is on Leave until the 5th of Feb. and other than a few appts and random things we need to get done so that we are prepared for his IA tour he is all ours till then and I am super happy about it!!!
I am not a religious person and I hate to ask but if you are a religious person would you please say a few prayers for him?!? He recently found out he may have High cholesterol and is really apprehensive about it he is going to get his cholesterol checked on Monday! If it comes back bad he will be ineligible to go IA! He really wants to do this (the IA not the tests) and would really hate to be disqualified from it because of high cholesterol at such a young age (he is only 25)! So for his sake please keep your fingers crossed that it comes back ok! TIA!!!!
Well I am off to bed now I hope everyone's weekend is FABULOUS!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday at the Table!

Routine is good right? Why is it that some people thrive off of doing the same thing day after day and eating the same things over and over again! I get the fact that some people are just not adventurous in what they try and some things are just quick and easy but to me it seems if I ate the same thing every day I would get quite bored! I dunno it was just a thought that crossed my mind! Last night we had a great dinner and I guess stepping out of our proverbial box made it even better!
Most every night I cook a protein (typically chicken, beef, or pork of some sort) a veggie, and a starch. I do variations on how things are marinaded and prepared but usually it is the same thing over and over again! I really am interested in trying new things but my question is how do I get my family to LOL!!

Ok So last night I made baked Italian chicken and I threw together a pasta salad that was FABULOUS!!!

For the chicken I just stuck it (frozen) in a baking dish and topped with half a bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing. Allow Chicken to thaw and marinate! Preheat Oven after chicken is thawed to 450degrees F. Bake for about 30min I like to do mine till the chicken starts to brown and kinda crisp up on top!

Tuscan Pasta salad
1box Piccolinni noodles (Mini Ziti)
2ripe Avocados (make sure they are still pretty firm though if they are to mushy you will get the wrong texture and I don't think it would be as good!)
2-3 ripe Tomatoes
1can whole black olive (drained and halved)
1small can of mushroom pieces (drained)
1bottle of Kraft Tuscan house Italian Dressing

Cook noodles according to package directions! (be mindful that a good Aldente is perfect for pasta salad!) Dice Avocado and Tomatoes. Combine halved Olives, mushroom pieces, Avocado, Tomato, and Pasta in a large bowl add 3/4 of the bottle of dressing toss gently serve slightly warm or chill until ready to serve!

Sorry this week was nothing fancy but I have a sick 2yr old so meals and such have been limited to what is super quick and easy to throw together in a pinch! Have a great one!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!


Well Friday has rolled around again and I am happy and sad about it!
I am back! Maybe not in completely full force but I am trying! It has been a long past few weeks and I haven't really felt up to anything! For some odd reason I have been overly tired and feeling very alone in this world! Though I have many fabulous people to talk to Ernie's impending deployment is looming and as much as I support him in this I can't help but be depressed because even though we are very much married I am essentially becoming a single parent again! Let me just say now Deployments of any kind suck!! Whether it is 2months or 15, They just plain capital letters S*U*C*K!!!

So in preparation for everything upcoming Ernie and I have been discussing minor minuscule details of everything from communication to care packages! I am trying to come up with some fabulous ideas of things to put in his care packages! But am really drawing a blank! We discussed how often I am going to send them and so I don't go totally crazy we agreed on 1-2 a month depending on his needs and such! I am just not sure of what kind of things to put in there! Does anyone have any fabulous ideas for care packages?! Let me know just remember no chocolate! He is going to be in the desert so chocolate does not like to hold it's form very well LOL!! Ideas and lots of them are needed!

Ok So this weekend we have no fabulous plan of action it is on an as we feel kinda basis! Seeing as this is the weekend before payday funds are really short so it may just be a "lazy" weekend at home just hanging out together! I know I have SEVERAL housework projects to complete and since Ernie has the weekend off he can take care of at least one of the girls (because contrary to his belief he is perfectly capable!!) so I can get at least 1 or two of them done! I almost always feel as if I am beating my head against a brick wall when it comes to housework! I love having a clean house and when I clean I really CLEAN!! But the daily maintenance is irritating especially with two small children!!

Ok all you bloggers it is time for me to log off and make dinner! Have a great weekend!!