Monday, February 16, 2009

A Long weekend (plus some)

So this has been an Incredible weekend! Long but extremely fun filled weekend! Friday we enjoyed having Ernie home and tried to finish up a few last minute things for Cami's birthday party! Not much really just hung out and had a good time with friends!

Saturday was fun filled!! We got up early and packed the cars along with 4 of our neighbors and headed out to Wailua, HI to watch a few of the guys jump out of an airplane!! It was fun to watch but I still would not do it! They kept trying to talk Ernie in to it and but sometimes I have a smart cookie for a husband and he wouldn't cave! The thing is that if he had done it and somehow gotten hurt he could have gotten in some pretty big trouble that would have cost him his career! I don't think my heart could handle my husband jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Heck it palpitated watching everyone else's husbands do it LOL!! But I got some fabulous pictures with my new camera! It is a Sony Cybershot and I am totally thrilled with it and got it for an awesome deal!! Original price 170...Sale Price 107....I love to get things that I need for such an awesome price!! Well after the skydiving excitement we went to the beach (where else would you go to BBQ with friends in Hawaii?) Good food with lots of friends in my opinion is a great way to spend a holiday that is about love!
The Plane taking off With the boys in it!
The Boys...
Robert, Brandon, and Mike
Mike Sometimes I forget how fabulous this place is!! Not man places in the world your children can swim and play in the ocean in the middle of February!! The children having a blast

Sunday we had Cami's 3rd birthday party and she loved it! We did a small craft project and had a pinata but for the most part the all enjoyed just running around with friends and it was great to just be a little lazy and watch the kids play! I was so proud of the polite little girl she has/ is beome(ing) as she nicely opened all of her gifts and made sure to tell the guests that she was thankful for the things she received! The children played so hard and had so much fun it was everything I could have asked for plus some! We wrapped up the party at around 5ish and transfered things to the house it was really cool that we all as neighbors gathered (some drank a little) and continued just having a good time because no one wanted the weekend to end! Thankfully no one had to work on Monday so things carried on into the early hours of the morning! (I think things finally wrapped up around 12 or 1 in the morning!!!
The Tinkerbell Theme was terrific and her favorite thing by far! And her "Cake" consisted of about 48 individual cupcakes! Makes for simple serving! And it added a very cute scallop to the edges!
A nice game of touch football that ensued!
That is so my child barefoot and enoying her new life as a 3yr old!!! Such the ham for the camera! With mom as a papparazzi children shall never be camera shy LOL!!I do believe this is my favorite picture of her! In my honest (slightly biased) opinion this picture captures the mischievous, tomboyish, angel that I love oh so much! The one thing I don't see anymore though is that sweet innocence of a baby face! Oh how I am forever going to miss that when I look at her! Time flies when you are having fun!

I think the thing that I cherish most about the time we live in housing and have in the Navy is that the people we met and become close with become a family of a different kind we share heartaches and joy and the security of always knowing that when we need something (anything from a cup of milk to a friend to watch your child) they are and will be there until the military (no matter what branch) dictates where they need to go next! Unfortunately the majority of the neighbors who surround me are leaving (almost all of them within the next 6 months) it it is a really sad thing for me knowing that next year only 2 of the 6 families that we enjoyed the long weekend with will still be here! All I ask for is that the families who come in to "replace" them are as friendly and loving as the ones who preceded them!

Well I will have another post hopefully tomorrow if not at some point on Sunday after Ernie leaves:( Though expect non coherence as I go through the motions for a little bit!) I may actually just not post much of anything! The cruel cycle has begun and now I am going into that ridiculous cry at the drop of a hat phase! Those that no me and love me if you haven't heard from me or seen me in 2 weeks drag me out please!!!!!!!


AndreaLeigh said...

the cake is just gorgeous. i never would have guessed it is cupcakes. and I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I could bring myself to jump from a perfectly good airplane either - far as that goes - I have issues even going up in an airplane when the ground is perfectly good for travel - LOL. Looks like y'all had a fantabulous weekend though. Happy Birthday to your little Cami! She's a precious one! Great pics by the way. I have to check out that camera you've got now. Still shopping around for just the right one. Have a great week ahead, keep your chin up, girlfriend.

Miss Hope said...

So true about the neighbor deal. Never have I enjoyed supplying a cup or sugar more. I'm also glad to have a neighbor who always has two of everything! (I don't know how she does it.) I still have another year to go and I'm getting sad thinking of leaving.

The cake was adorable and the pics of the Birthday Girl are precious!