Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mid week report!

Well it is the mid week and I figured I would post a bit!

Cami's birthday is slowly approaching and I am not excited about it LOL!! My birthday means nothing it is another day with a new number for myself! But my childrens birthdays to me mean that I am getting older! I know it is a sad thing to say but that is how I gauge my life! The achievements and milestones that I have helped my children through. Cami's accomplishments thus far are not any more important or impressive than any other almost 3yr old! But to me they are amazing! She speaks very well and clear for a 3yr old. She can ride a bike (with training wheels of course) and is very good at riding a RAZOR scooter! Her balance is amazing considering she is my child! (I tend to be slightly accident prone and my balance wasn't much better as a child though luckily no broken bones presented themselves at that point.) She has learned her ABC's and is able to count items up to ten but can count (without counting objects) to 20 though 14,15, and 16 sound very similiar! I plan to start homeschooling preschool after her birthday (probably going to start the first week of March!) Our biggest accomplishments though are potty training and learning to dress herself! Though she still has difficulty with those pesky panties! LOL sometimes they are inside out and sideways but putting on panties for her is confusing (I am sure it was probably difficult for all of us at some point!) I now look at her and her features have developed and she looks more like a little girl rather than the baby face I have seen in the past! It is very sad sometimes to look at her and see the little girl rather than the baby I have been so accustomed to seeing! Very sad!

Ernie goes back to work in the morning and it is bittersweet! As most military spouses can attest it is such a crazy time when they are working that the prospect of them taking leave is a beacon in the storm sometimes! I have enjoyed having him home and the family time that has been had! But in the same breath I am glad he is going back to work because maybe I can get some much needed house work done! for some reason that is one of the things that becomes slack while he is home! It just doesn't take precedence over the relaxing together and fun time! it is also quite sad because it means that we have a very very short amount of time left with him home!! As the days seem too become shorter the emotional rollercoaster of the deployment cycle begins! I will post more on the deployment cycle later for those who are unfamiliar with it. i just have to remind myself that time is short and that my irritations are because of him getting ready to leave!

I have not cut my hair in a really long time (I think my last haircut, trim included, was last March) and it has been something that I feel I was in dire need of not only for a change in pace but also because it was becoming quite the hinderance (is that even a word LOL!) It came to the middle of my back and was always getting in the way when doing everything so I would just pull it back in a pony tail and call it a day! Now I know this is A) not good for my hair and B) it becomes quite boring! So today I went and cut my hair! I still have no camera so pictures will come later! But I kept most of my length cutting only about 4-5 inches off of the back and about 7-8 in the front! I went with a very layered style and I like it alot! it isn't exactly what I had pictured but I am satisfied! And according to my neighbors and Ernie it is gorgeous and very suiting to my features!

So not much of a report but it is what has gone on thus far! But I am off to bed internetland! leave me some comments please!!!

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AndreaLeigh said...

i can't wait to see pics of your hair!