Saturday, February 28, 2009

1 Week down...51 to go!!!

Well I am not going to say that this week has been easy (cause it hasn't ) but I have had far worse!! I think many things have helped me through! The support of some of my fellow Blogger friends, some actual true blue friends and mainly the love and need of strength for my children. I have pulled it together like no other (IMO) I have not cried since leaving the airport last Sunday and I acknowledge that those will not be the last of my tears! In all honesty I will actually welcome them when they come because the feeling of being numb is not one I prefer!

Ernie is on the second leg of his journey and at this point he is still excited about what is to come! Though he is not thrilled with the fact that he feels like he is in boot camp again! His new accommodations in Mississippi are not what he expected...Open Bay Barracks! For those who know, know that almost all of the time in all branches open bay barracks are only used (most of the time) in boot camp! It is one thing having to share a barracks room with some one but a completely different thing all together having no privacy whatsoever! Can you imagine having to go to the bathroom and anyone walking in and doing there business at the same time?! IMO it is like having to go at a department store!! I give my husband and his new friends props because I don't think (actually I know hence why I am a civilian!!!) I could survive what they are about to do!! So I just want them to know that I am thankful and I respect what they are doing!! They are all Hero's and will always be in my eyes and the eyes of my children!!!

I am super excited because some of my favorite people are soon moving out here to beautiful (but currently on the chilly side) Hawaii!! The last command that we were with is doing a change of home port and I can't wait I am actually counting the days till I can see them again! To all my girls be prepared for a card night and a few play dates with the kids when you get here cause I have missed you all bunches!!! Nothing could be better than having the girls I loved in Virgina in one of my favorite places in the world with me!!

One of my small indulgences is going to the salon and getting pedicures! There is nothing more blissful to me than sitting in that chair and relaxing while someone else cleans, softens and decorates my feet! I went today (a small gift to myself for our anniversary!) and left there as I always do feeling slightly prettier! I am one of those girls who likes to keep my hands pretty basic (typically a french manicure or clear coat), but on my toes I like to go a little crazy! Wild vivid colors! and most of the time some sort of design! Well this time I went for a watermelon pink and cute little bright green shamrocks! I LOVE Saint Patrick's day and try to always wear something green!! I am a small part Irish and embrace that part of my heritage full on!

Nothing really exciting has been going on here in "Paradise" lately (with the exception of the weekend before Ernie's departure) though Cami has said some pretty cute things!! Tonight we ran some neighbors to the airport and hit the sub base mini mart on the way back to the house. Most know when visiting or frequenting any base there are "artifacts" (for lack of a better word) all over the base most days the small (actually quite large) torpedo's catch her eyes and we try to explain what these are in a way a small child will understand most times with little success. Well there is a very large black and white missile (at least that is what I think it is) on the way off base that caught her eye this evening! and our conversation goes as follows...
Cami~ what's that mommy?
Me~ That is a missile
Cami~ A whistle?!!! (wheels turning as she is trying to figure out how to make it make noise LOL)
Me~ No a mm-missile (sounding it out so she can work on pronunciation)
Cami~ What's a mm-missile?
Me~ something the sailors and soldiers used a long time ago to make sure the bad guys didn't hurt anyone!
Cami~ how?
Me~ (contemplating how to explain this) Well the bad guys were hurting people, like the ones daddy is going to go help, so they would send them to the moon with the missiles! (hoping this doesn't open another can of worms with her!)
Cami~ Ohh...(wheels turning again) So daddy is gonna send the bad guys to the moon with a whistle!!?!!
Me~ yes baby daddy is going to send them to the moon with a whistle (giving up at this point)
Cami~ WOW!! that's cool mommy!!~~
Why are children's questions so complicated even when it seems like the most simple of answers to an adult?! Even though we live in a military community I am trying to somewhat shelter my children from the harsh truth that lies within! I don't want them to know what a war is at 3 or that there daddy is fighting it! Maybe I should just tell the truth about it but I don't want her worrying about it! The explanation of why he was leaving when he was on ship was so much easier because she knew daddy works on a boat and the boat has to go out in the ocean! When daddy is out in the ocean he is doing his job to help the people! Other than continuing that with out the boat hoe do you explain to a 3yr old why her daddy had/has to leave her? To me that is the hardest part of the whole situation! **SIGH** Suggestions are welcome! If you have been through this and have had to explain something like this to a young child how did you do it? Cause I am at a loss!
and on that note I am off to bed!


Anonymous said...

As always - thank you for visiting and commenting my posts. It's always great to hear from you. Sounds like you're faring pretty well and those children, indeed, can put a HUGE damper on the separation anxiety. I don't soon forget how that felt. You're doing a wonderful job and for what it's worth? I wouldn't tell them the truth!! We never did with Miss Ma'am but we did manage to get through somehow answering all those "difficult" questions. I'm searching right now for an elmo video I have on the PC that might help your little ones with the separation. I know it was a Godsend for Miss Ma'am but be warned. It will have YOU in tears too. I would recommend viewing it ahead of time so that you're prepared to watch it with your girls. I know there's a link somewhere that you can get a free hard copy DVD of it as well. I'll try to find that for you too. I'll post the video to my blog once I locate it and let you know that it's there.

Anonymous said...

Keri - I have the video and links posted on my blog now ...

AndreaLeigh said...

yay for pedicures! hang in there girlie - I'm thinking of you. let me know if you ever need to chat.