Friday, February 6, 2009

Another random...

post about nothing really!

Actually I have a vent about the sun!! LOL I know it is the sun and it isn't going anywhere! Everyone should be smart (especially if you are a white girl like me LOL) and sknow that sunscreen is your friend! Apparently I forgot that minuet detail this morning before I took my girls to the park LOL! Cami has been blessed with her fathers skin and doesn't burn but turns a nice shade of gold and I always slather her down even if it is for a little bit of sun time and addisyn was fully clothed and was wearing an adorable floppy hat (which she didn't like cause it covered her eyes!) Normally in my daily routine I put a skin moisturizer with a slight spf on and I am fine but of course this morning was crazy hectic and I totally skipped that part of my routine! I now regret that and will remind myself of this time and will resume my daily application of said moisturizer!! My face is the color of a LOBSTER!! Luckily though I have had so many of these sunburns that I really don't feel them any more! But it is annoying that an hour at the park and I look like I have a tomato sitting on my shoulders!! UGGHHHH Annoying!

So a bit of good news maybe one day (not sure when) my dearest hubby will be posting a blog! I know internetland isn't it a fabulous thought!! Now my hubby (this is a small warning) is really random so be kind to him when he posts lots of comments and praise! I really want to encourage him to post some things! He has a brilliant mind and much of the time he doesn't use all of the random knowledge he stores!

This evening the children had a glorious time playing! For cami it was especially fabulous because her Mimi got her a fabulous birthday present that we were inclined to give early!
A New CAR!!!
It is a very cute purple corvette! And my baby finally earned her drivers license back! Long story but she was riding in one of the neighbors trucks and took off down the road in it (literally!) that was about 5months ago and we haven't let her drive since then! But tonight she did a fabulous job of staying in the areas she was allowed and was too cute! This car is amazing (what is up with the toys that they have come up with these days) it has an AM/FM radio and an alarm system!! Seriously it has a key that starts the thing and on the key is a button that activates and deactivates the alarm! If you bump it while the alarm is set it sounds off a voice warning to step away from the vehicle!! WTF Her car is better than mine! Add in the fact that it doesn't take gas I want to drive one of these around LOL!!! So Thank you Mimi it is a FABULOUS gift and one that will last a while!!If anyone knows how to make a PRETEND drivers license please feel free to let me know how or if you are willing to make one for me! I am just not good with that kind of thing and I definitley don't have the programs to make one LOL!!

Well it is time to sign off again my pillow has learned to talk and it is calling my name!! good night all!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Hope that sunburn is healing up nicely. Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been a while since I've been able to catch up on my reading here and there and EVERYWHERE. Things have been nutzoid in my life with what looks to be non-ending before summer gets here. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine with the random knowledge thing but I can't convince him that he needs to put it out there in blogland - LOL. Stay well and be in touch soon. ((hugs))

Miss Hope said...

I know how you feel about the sunscreen deal! I have to make myself remember, especially in summer (which is about 10 months out the year here in Georgia!). My girls are fair skinned like me, but my son? Jeesh. I can slather him down and he still tans beautifully. Drives us girls nuts! LOL