Monday, January 26, 2009

A Few Goals!

Well I have decided to set a few goals for myself to achieve while Ernie is gone on his deployment! So if anyone has any ideas on how to make these things easier please share!

  1. Try some new crafts! I would love to try to learn something new that doesn't cost much for start up! Kinda interested in crochet or knitting but there isn't much I can make with those crafts that would be useful here in Hawaii and I am not real sure I want to start stockpiling blankets and afghans! LOL Though Scrapping and card making are fun to me the cost of keeping up with projects is rather high when you go for quality rather than quantity! I would love to learn to make hair bows and cute girlie things (figure I have two girls might as well make the most of it!) I also would love to learn to sew and am willing to make the big purchase of a machine if I can actually get the use out of it!
  2. I am going to make it a point to get out and do active things with my girls! Hiking and going to places like the beach and enjoying the age as it won't be much longer (I know I have a lot longer than I am assuming, but the time flies) before they become teenagers and won't want to do things with dear ole mom! Plus if I keep us all busy and out there the long deployment will seem to go by a lot faster!
  3. Adjust our eating habits to a new level! We don't eat as healthy as we should and I want to change that! We eat way to much fast food and Cami doesn't get nearly enough new foods introduced to her because of it! I need to change her eating habits now before it becomes to late!
  4. In addition I need to lose about 55lbs to get myself into a healthy weight range! Though I would be happy to lose 30! I know 2 of the previous posts will help with that as well! In all honesty I really need a "personal trainer" to keep me motivated and on track! But am to much of a cheapo to pay some schmuck at a gym to tell me how to achieve that goal! I know what you may be thinking 'that schmuck probably knows what he is talking about and you should listen to him' and I know this but it will take the right person to keep me on track! I need a program! Ugh just thinking about it makes me wanna eat some ice cream LOL!
As of right now these are my goals! I may feel the need to update and add more or adjust as time progresses! So any ideas or plans or advice feel free to share!!


Miss Hope said...

Go for it and keep us updated! I need to get motivated to lose some poundage, too.

AndreaLeigh said...

i need to get on the weight loss bandwagon as well.