Saturday, February 28, 2009

An updated look

Well Spring is in the air and even though I feel like I am freezing (laugh if you will my mother does cause she is in Alaska!!) my tush off, I know there are others out there who really are in need of a touch of spring! So I paid another visit to Cutest Blog on the Block (the ladies there are so creative and have some cute DIY tutorials on how to fashion there creativity into your own!) I am so not disappointed! One day I will have someone (probably Miss Becca) make me my own layout but for now till I can muster the creative energy to figure out what I want, these will ave to do! I would love to learn how to completely make my own but I would need someone standing beside me taking me step by step through how to do everything! Let me know what every one thinks of the new look!!! I am off to bed!!


Christina Lee said...

well this is the first time I am seeing your new design (or blog)- but I like it! I also really enjoyed reading through your stuff and the one post broke my heart (his leaving)-
take good care!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Layout is darilng but I think I liked it better when you had the fam photos integrated into the header. STILL just darling though!