Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving aka Thoughtful Thursday

This is the start of my Thoughtful Thursdays!!

I myself have many things I am thankful for this year!
1. I have a loving family who no matter what distance is between us has found a way to stay in touch!

2. I have 3 BEAUTIFUL children!!
Hunter, You are and will always be my first born and booger boy! I love and miss you!! I hope you are having a wonderful life! You deserve the world and all of the knowledge it holds! Your Daddy and Christy mean well in keeping you from me, I wasn't the best momma I could have been for you and I am sorry! There isn't a single day that goes by that you are not a thought in my head!!! I love you and always will!! One day I hope you understand and forgive me!!
Camille, My little Momma! You are beautiful, vibrant and full of life! Please never let anyone put out that beautiful light in your eyes!! I love you very much and even though some days you push me to my limits, I know that no matter what you seek to do in life you will succeed as long as you put your heart and mind to work as one! (Though please my darling 2yr old try to refrain from climbing upon my counter tops and yelling obscenities at drivers who you feel are in your mommies way!! I must remember to refrain from the same while you are in the backseat!)
Addisyn, My dinky doo girl! You are so new, yet I feel as if you have always been a part of our lives! I love every part of you and the person you will become! (Though please refrain from learning some of your sister's bad habits!) I hope and pray that your life be full of laughter, because that is what you deserve! Amazing things are yet to come for you little girl!

3. My Amazing husband!! You make my life worth something! I enjoy most every minute we spend together (even when you are playing an annoying video game)! Just knowing you are home safe is something to be thankful for! I am going to miss your stupid drawn out stories, sometimes they are what gets me through the night when you are gone! This next year is going to be nothing short of difficult, but we will be ok in the end! You do amazing things for this country and this family! Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed!! I love you!!!<3

4. Amazing friends throughout the world who have been through H3!! and back with (me) us! These individuals and families are not friends in my eyes! These people are family!! We are blessed enough to be able to pick some of our own families and I have to admit I have created myself an amazing one!! I am not going to name them because they know who they are and if they need to make sure they know how to contact me! I love you all and couldn't have made it to this point in my life with out all of you!

5. The health of myself and my family! Where it isn't always the best I am thankful that it is still (for the most part) intact and none of us are ridiculously ill or incapacitated in any way! I look forward to many more moments in the next year to be thankful for and many more after that!

Unfortunately I know not everyone is as fortunate as we are and would like everyone at this point to please donate to your local food banks! There are homeless people/ Families everywhere who could sometimes use a little extra help! I know that times are not great for everyone but if everyone would donate a can it truly adds up!! Remember in the Yule/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ Hanukkah Season that there are less fortunate people out there and donate to them! If you are unsure of your local Food Bank click here to find one in your area!

Ok So now that I have blessed everyone with my thankfulness Feel free to leave me a quick note on a couple of things you are thankful for!
Have a Great Turkey Day!!!

So I am totally getting into this blogging thing!

I have discovered a few new things in this bloggy world that I find completely awesome, and I feel I need to start participating in some of these things in the blogging world! SOOO...

COMING SOON!!!(probably starting next week)

1.Tuesday at the Table (aka TatT)
I am super excited because as much as I like to cook I find myself being way lazy! So if I have interesting foods to cook because my many readers need to know what we are eating than it gives me a purpose!
Let me just go ahead and say now that I by no means am a "healthy" eater! I am a fat kid (Paula dean is one of my idols) and I like my cake!! Sometimes I may come across an awesome recipe that is healthy and quick and easy, I promise to share! But I do not cook for healthful reasons, I cook because I like food! And I like to eat! I am a subscriber to Cooking light magazine so occasionally expect to see something from there! If I find something on someone else's TatT that we try and enjoy I will share and give credit to that person and if I make a adjustment (or a flat out change) I will link (note to self learn to link) to the original recipe and post my version!

2. Thoughtful Thursdays:
Sometimes I have a bunch of random thoughts that just need to be set free! So I am designating Thursdays for those! In the same breath I am a very thankful person and have many things to share my appreciation for! So expect to see some things that I am thankful for in with those random thoughts!

3. Fabulous Fridays!:
Friday is a Fabulous day of the week! And I would love to bask in all that is Fabulous about Friday. Whether it is showing off pictures of my BEAUTIFUL daughters or sharing whatever weekend plans my family may have with my blogging buddies!

Bear with me as I experiment and try out different things!
Thanks blogging buddies I look forward to sharing our stories with you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have been holding out to post this one!!

Because I wanted both of our families to be informed first! I know that some of the family has not been informed about this and I have been holding off posting this because of that! But we have waited a little over a week and have not gotten a return phone call so...

Ernie volunteered and is being deployed, he is going on what is referred to as an IA (Individual Augmentee) deployment and is going to assist the Army or Marine Corp in their operations.! He leaves for 3mnths of school the end of February (To be more exact he leaves on Cami's birthday), he will possibly be able to come home for 10days before officially heading to Afghanistan. Then he will be getting a 2week R&R period at some point!

This was a decision that Ernie and I sat down and discussed before he decided to volunteer and I support it 100%! It is going to be rough but I do not want my husband to regret not doing something. And this is something that he feels the need to do! I respect that!

Thank you all for your Love and Support! It isn't going to be easy but we will make it and be better for it in the end!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for a change!!

I saw that some fellow bloggers were changing up there profile look... SO I decided to jump on the bandwagon LOL!!! In all honesty I had been wanting something different but didn't know where to even start looking!! And the thought of making my own completely scares the beejeezus out of me LOL!! Maybe one day I will learn to make my own! Until then I will utilize everyone else's creative juices!! I am also giving the Girl's pages a new look as well so bear with me as I toy around with those!! Hope all is well around the world!!!