Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!


Well Friday has rolled around again and I am happy and sad about it!
I am back! Maybe not in completely full force but I am trying! It has been a long past few weeks and I haven't really felt up to anything! For some odd reason I have been overly tired and feeling very alone in this world! Though I have many fabulous people to talk to Ernie's impending deployment is looming and as much as I support him in this I can't help but be depressed because even though we are very much married I am essentially becoming a single parent again! Let me just say now Deployments of any kind suck!! Whether it is 2months or 15, They just plain capital letters S*U*C*K!!!

So in preparation for everything upcoming Ernie and I have been discussing minor minuscule details of everything from communication to care packages! I am trying to come up with some fabulous ideas of things to put in his care packages! But am really drawing a blank! We discussed how often I am going to send them and so I don't go totally crazy we agreed on 1-2 a month depending on his needs and such! I am just not sure of what kind of things to put in there! Does anyone have any fabulous ideas for care packages?! Let me know just remember no chocolate! He is going to be in the desert so chocolate does not like to hold it's form very well LOL!! Ideas and lots of them are needed!

Ok So this weekend we have no fabulous plan of action it is on an as we feel kinda basis! Seeing as this is the weekend before payday funds are really short so it may just be a "lazy" weekend at home just hanging out together! I know I have SEVERAL housework projects to complete and since Ernie has the weekend off he can take care of at least one of the girls (because contrary to his belief he is perfectly capable!!) so I can get at least 1 or two of them done! I almost always feel as if I am beating my head against a brick wall when it comes to housework! I love having a clean house and when I clean I really CLEAN!! But the daily maintenance is irritating especially with two small children!!

Ok all you bloggers it is time for me to log off and make dinner! Have a great weekend!!

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AndreaLeigh said...

Check out Becca's Lovely Yellow Ribbons blog - she just did a post on halfway boxes and it has some ideas you could probably use.