Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday! A Day Late LOL!!

Well our Friday was far from Fabulous! It was actually quite lazy!
We were expecting some pretty gnarly winds (55+) here in the islands so schools were canceled on five of the Islands (including Oahu)! Not that school cancellations effect us yet I just thought it was pretty funny and odd that they were canceled with out knowing for sure we were going to get them LOL that is like the school districts canceling school because they expect to get heavy snow! It was pretty cold here because of the weather but never really got any wind! I know everyone is thinking how can it be cold in Hawaii?! But to be honest if you are adjusted to the warm temperature here and it drops below a certain point (for me personally if it drops into the low 70's) it seems pretty cold and I start hunting down my hoodies!! LOL I know I should not complain considering my Parents and inlaws arre in negative degree weather! But in all honesty I commend them and anyone else who lives anywhere cold, cause VA was cold enough for me! I think if we were to move somewhere extremely cold I would never leave the house!! I am not a cold weather person AT ALL!!! For dinner to night I made a crock pot of chicken and rice stew (Ernie says it was more like soup! But he is just picky and doesn't like any kind of soup!) and canned biscuits! It was delicious check out my TatT next week and I will post my improve recipe!
Our weekend is looking pretty dull around here though to be quite honest! I am hoping to go over to a friends house tomorrow (well as I look at the clock I realize it is today) to just relax and let Cami play with their daughter and maybe even play a few hands of cards! We always have a good time hanging with Jess and her crew! So hopefully they will be available to hang out!! Sunday we have a birthday party to go to Our friend Eli is turning 5 soon and is super excited about it! Unfortunatly his Daddy is leaving before his actual birthday so the party is being held a little before to include him! We are going to be doing the same for Cami!
I will probably attempt to finish cleaning the house this weekend and fold all of our clean laundry that is daunting and making fun of me from it's overflowing in the baskets! For those that know me, know I hate laundry! I do good with the washing and drying part but when it comes to the folding and putting away part I completely suck!! As much as I want to be a June Cleaver or Martha Stewart type home maker, I am slowly beginning to accept the fact that I am not and nor will I ever be! But hey we can still hold hope for me right I am getting progressively better! Well we have filed our Taxes so keep your fingers crossed that we will get that back soon! We have lots that we need/want to do with those funds.
I am super excited to be participating in my first bloggy swap!!! One of the AWESOME Subby wive that I am privileged to "know" (I met her on my sub wives message board but never in person though I hope one day I will meet her in person cause what I know of her I love!!) Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites is hosting her first Valentines day swap and I have signed up I am super excited to see who I am sending a fabulous package to as well as I am trying to think of some fabulous things to fill her box with! I will keep everyone posted on how it goes! I am making a shopping list of things I want to put in there! I am thinking I will do a romantic evening in as a theme for it!!! Not sure yet though!! Hmmm Contemplations!!!
It is official Ernie now is on Leave until the 5th of Feb. and other than a few appts and random things we need to get done so that we are prepared for his IA tour he is all ours till then and I am super happy about it!!!
I am not a religious person and I hate to ask but if you are a religious person would you please say a few prayers for him?!? He recently found out he may have High cholesterol and is really apprehensive about it he is going to get his cholesterol checked on Monday! If it comes back bad he will be ineligible to go IA! He really wants to do this (the IA not the tests) and would really hate to be disqualified from it because of high cholesterol at such a young age (he is only 25)! So for his sake please keep your fingers crossed that it comes back ok! TIA!!!!
Well I am off to bed now I hope everyone's weekend is FABULOUS!!!


Miss Hope said...

I'm just like you- I can wash and dry all day long but put off folding and putting away until we're going to the clean clothes basket for towels and underwear! LOL

I don't mind praying for your husband at all. Hopefully, this will be cleared up and he go forward with plans.

AndreaLeigh said...

thanks girl - you are super sweet. have a GREAT weekend.