Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 more tonight!

Tonight I have had a few things on my mind! 1 is how excited I am about the swap I am about to participate in that Andrea is hosting!! I am just trying to figure out what to put in the box LOL I have a couple of ideas and am excited! My Swap Partner seem super nice and kinda quirky which is pretty awesome if you ask me (I myself can be random and quirky to sometimes!)! Her name is Ashley and I am excited to get to know her!

Next on my list of things is the fact that I start Compass tomorrow and I am excited and nervous! The Compass class is a mentoring program for spouses that hands out information to assist spouses.For those that read my blog who are Navy affiliated I highly recommend this course! I know I have yet to take it but some ladies I think awfully high of sing nothing but praises about it and so I have high hopes of becoming a mentor! Check out the site and give it a go! (if you are eligible for it!)

So I am not a christian person (I have my own beliefs but that is for an entirely different post) but I do pray and think that everyone should in some way shape or form! There are lots of people out in internetland who need help and prayers, tonight it was brought to my attention that this new family needs lots of prayers sent in there name to the one who control the fates! Kelly and Scott have a beautiful new baby girl who isn't doing so great! Her name is Harper and she is only a couple of days old! Her Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her and she has done nothing but make an appearance into their lives! Pure Unconditional, unadulterated love that knows no bounds! The best kind in my opinion! So Internetland I am reaching out to you now please say a few prayers for this lovely little family! Also Not just in this case but there are babies all over the world in NICU's and they all need as many prayers and messages to the gods that can be gotten to them! So I know that is alot to add to your prayer list tonight but please think about it and keep these families in your thoughts!

Ok so I am off to dreamland so I can hopefully feel better in the AM keep your fingers crossed that Addi is a perfect baby during this class and that I feel better for it too! Goodnight internetland !!!

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AndreaLeigh said...

I'm glad you are excited about your swap, and I am so glad you are praying for baby harper.