Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday!! A little sad!! A little late!!

So I actually started this post a couple of days before so that I could attempt to get it out on time but yeah that didn't happen! So here is just a little of what has been going on!

Well today I graduated from the Compass course! It was bittersweet! I had a great time and learned a lot of new info that either was incorrectly given to me in the first place or I had never even heard of before! I pride myself on being one of "those " wives! I want to know as much info as I possibly can (well minus the stuff that goes against OPSEC of course!) Compass was so the course for me! Not only was the info great the ladies I met were even better! So helpful and interested in sharing whatever tidbits of info that they had come across! It was delightful! So to any of the wives that may read this I promise take the compass course! If you don't come away from it with more knowledge you will come out of it with a whole new group of friends and individuals who know what you are experiencing! Those that have been there and done that are our best resource!

The Fabulous Andrea over at My Chihuahua bites, is hosting her first giveaway! She is giving a way a fabulous e-gift certificate from one of her favorite stores...Sephora! Check out her De-lurking post to see what you need to do to enter! I have entered because I could really use some new make up since Cami seems to enjoy ruining mine, so now all I have is lip gloss eyeliner and Mascara! Ugh! Not that I do my face up often but it would be nice to be able to do something! So I know recently I have posted a couple of times singing Andrea's praises! I think she is a great woman with a FABULOUS blog!! I log on some days hoping that she has posted something! She has been very sad lately though because of budget cuts her company was doing some lay offs! Andrea was sure she was going to be one of them and is very thankful that she wasn't, but still feels bad that her co-workers lost their positions! So if everyone could please say a prayer for her co-workers it would be a nice thing to do! Andrea (if you read this!) Thanks for being a great person and having a great blog!

So I kinda realized that I haven't posted much about my girls lately! I am such a bad mommy all wrapped up in my own little world! Not really but I figure a girls update is well in order!
Camille will be 3 in exactly 1 month! I am kinda sad! She has grown so much in the last 6mnths that I look at her now and see this curious young girl rather than the mischievous toddler and innocent baby that I have seen over the last almost 3 years! It is sobering and yes I actually cried the first time I looked at her and did not see that baby I held in my arms almost 3years ago!! Ugh am I really not ready for her to be another year closer to being the dreaded (dun dun dunnnnn) TEENAGER (AHHHHH) not really but I am super mommy and I will cry in my pillow at night! I have a Mommy brag on her as well (while I am singing praises) I do believe we are POTTY TRAINED!!!!!! We have been in nothing but panties now for...about a month now, and in the last 2weeks we have not had a single potty time accident! I am sooo proud of her and one day she is going to hate me for putting this on here!!! LOL she will get over it though! If anyone does have any advice on how to get her to wipe and wipe well I would appreciate that info! I try to make sure to do it for her but she is also in the "I do it myself" stage and has learned how to lock me out of the bathrooms! The other day she told me " Mommy, I is a big girl now I do it all by myself! I don't need help to go potty!!!" I wanted to cry and put her back in diapers! I WILL NOT do that though! Any advice please let me know!

Miss Addisyn is doing so well too! She is getting so interactive (well as much as a four month old can be LOL)! She can roll now and sits so well in her Bumbo seat I swear that thing is the best investment a parent can get! She still sleeps alot and is still nursing well! I had her weighed at our last WIC appt and she was 12lbs. I am going to break out the highchair soon and start giving her some baby foods! I really wanted to start giving her food before Ernie left but I don't think she is going to be ready:( But maybe when he comes home in between school and deployment she will be!

We went to the Zoo today and had a great time! Cami loves the Zoo and even though the Honolulu Zoo is not a terrific one compared to others it is a Fabulous Zoo to a preschooler who loves animals! She has 3 favorite animals the Elephants, the Giraffes, and the Hippopotomas'. I think we may have added a new favorite to that list today! Back in I wanna say October (I am probably wrong on that one) Our fabulous Tigress and Tiger gave birth to a litter of cubs and in mid Dec they were released into the main exhibit with the mother! They are soooo Adorable and playful! Cami had a great time just watching them play! Of course she loves all of the animals but her favorite is the Elephants first and last exhibit we go and see (she has to say hello and goodbye) Her Daddy bought her a stuffed one the first time we went to the zoo here! She sleeps with it almost every night!

A realization has hit me! We have less than a month before Ernie leaves for training! I am sad!!! So I am going to go and cuddle on the couch with him!

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i love coming to read your blog... it is such an ego boost for me. :)