Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday at the Table!!

Hello all you blogging buddies! It is time for another weekly installment of TatT! (UN)fortunately I have fixed nothing extremely fabulous to share so a family favorite in my household this week it shall be!!

I remember one of my favorite cafeteria lunches as a kid was Baked Spaghetti! Looking back now I realize how incredibly gross it truly was, but as a kid almost all of the cafeteria food was Fabulous (not) !! So I realize in my (not so) old age that there is a fabulous way to pull it off and it truly be fabulous (hence why it is a favorite and just a regular sight on our kitchen table LOL! Using whole wheat pasta and a Chunky vegetable sauce I am able to get my family to eat some extra vegetables that they normally turn there nose up at LOL

Baked Spaghetti

1lb Ground beef
1lb Ground sweet Italian sausage (some times I use links and just cut them into 1in pieces cause when they are cooked they look like little meat balls!)
1 jar Ragu Chunky Spaghetti sauce (my fave is the Super Vegetable Primavera)
1 can traditional spaghetti sauce (I only add this if I am using ground beef and ground sausage, because otherwise the sauce to meat ratio is way off)
1lb spaghetti noodles (I use whole wheat noodles from Barilla)
Approx 1lb of Mozzarella cheese,grated (depending on how cheesy I am in the mood for I add more LOL)
1/2 cup Parmesan-Reggiano cheese, grated (I use the stuff that comes in a jar from Kraft!)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Brown ground beef and sausage (If you are using the links then brown them separately cause the cook times are different and you don't want to over or under cook them) drain and add sauces, mix together so it is all combined. While your meat is browning start a pot of water for spaghetti noodles (I add about 2Tbs of EVOO to the water just to help prevent the noodles from sticking) Cook you noodles to your preferred level of doneness (I prefer them Aldente) Drain cooked noodles. Combine noodles and sauce and fold in cheese, reserving approx 1- 1.5c (this is for the top) Poor mixture into a casserole dish (I don't know what size I use a medium clear glass Pyrex that is approx. 2-3in deep and a little over/under a foot, my bad for not knowing LOL)
Top with remaining Mozzarella and the Parmesan-Reggiano cheese
Bake until dish is heated through and the cheese is bubbly and starting to brown! (No approx time because we like ours browner than others may!) Let the dish cool for approx. 10 min so that the cheese has time to set. You can Dr. this recipe any way you like it because some like it saucy and others don't make it your own LOL I did!!!

Serve with a side salad and some garlic bread!

Tooting my own horn here!!
My bug Girl is almost done with potty training! She has slept through the night for almost a week (the first few nights I would wake her up when I went to bed to take her potty) without any accidents!! I am so proud of her!! I hope one day she looks back on my blog and knows just how proud I am of her for this because I know potty training is hard not just on me but it is rough for her to figure out those funky urges and realize oh that is me I have to potty! #2 is coming along with a little more difficulty then #1 but hey what can you do ( make sure you have lots of panties and patience!!!!)
Addisyn is doing so well she is sleeping and eating and pooping! She is starting to teeth and that is not fabulous but hopefully Target will open soon cause they have some FABULOUS teething drops!! I know some of you are like OMG no Target! I know I used to not be a huge fan of Target but now I see the IMPORTANT stuff that I need and where do I need to get it from LOL of course Target!! So any of you buddies out there that have Target and would like to get my baby some drops please help a girl out cause our Walmart's here do not carry them!! Target opens in March so hopefully March will come quickly and I will be doing a happy dance in the parking lot waiting on those beautiful red framed doors to open LOL!! Well off to bed now seeing as it is 2:30 my time and many of you are up and starting your day!

Enjoy your own TatT!

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AndreaLeigh said...

i've never tried baked spaghetti but it sounds yummy!