Tuesday, March 31, 2009



The best word to describe my blogging habits lately!! I promise I will be working on it but I have been working on my house instead! So as soon as I get my house back into shape and at a maintainable level I will have a little more time on my hands to do things such as blog and peruse the Internet for fabulous items! But for now I will be keeping my postings to a bare minimum so that those who know and love me and my family will know that we are OK and still alive! These postings will probably be coming with an accompanyment of a Tuesday @ the table and/ or my photography entries!
So other than us being alive their has been nothing fabulous or interesting to report this week! Ernie is doing well in MS and learning lots of fun new things! Cami has been a great big pill of a three year old this past week! Everything she has done has been whiney, disruptive, and destructive!! Needless to say she has spent a lot of time in her room and has had her butt popped a few times these past few weeks! I am at a loss for what to do with her anymore! She is stressing me out! And try as I may I can't seem to bring myself to take her out to do fun things if she can not behave at home!
Addisyn on the other hand is doing very well so far i can not beleive she is turning 6 months old already! She has started eatin baby food and cereal. Her diet now consists of ...
Boob Juice (lol)
rice cereal
Oatmeal cereal
Green beans
Sweet potatoes
And we are going to keep gradually adding to it! She loves her food no matter what it is! I am just hoping that when we go into her 6month Well check she has gained a little bit of weight because that was a concern at our last appt! I myself am not overly concerned with it because at this point with Cami weight gain was very little! Her growth didn't kick it up till after she hit a year old! So we will see how things go!!
I am doing ok! I developed a Stye under my left eyelid at the beginning of the week so I have had a swollen eye all week! And it is finally going away! As far as how I am feeling it is a little bit better I have gotten out of the house a couple of times with the children and then I have been able to escape for shorter amounts of time with out them! I will survive this is all I keep telling myself! I know I can it is just a matter of finding my groove! Once I find that I think I will be ok! Any advice on how to find it? Ugh I hate to keep asking that question I just am having trouble this time! Though I was thinking about it and maybe I am having trouble finding it because I know the rollercoaster will just be starting all over again when he leaves after his I-stop! Thanks everyone for listening and being there for me! It really means a lot to me!!
( This is a post that I have been working on for a week and thought I posted LOL! So expect another one soon LOL)

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