Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A lot and nothing!

Well there has been a lot and nothing all at the same time going on here in paradise, one may just say a lot of nothing!!! This past week I have just been reflecting on things and wondering where life will take us next and what it will throw at us next!!

We have mad many new friends (and retained some old ones) when we returned to Hawaii and by far the ones I am closest too are going through heartache right now and I don't know how to fix it! Last Monday he was not feeling very well (urinating Blood) and so he went into the ER. They did the routine checks and then they dug deeper (thank god for those who are willing to dig deeper!!) and found a mass in his bladder! 2days and a biopsy later he has a diagnosis of bladder cancer! The youngest documented case! Well he had surgery on Tuesday and is doing ok from it but doesn't wish to have any visitors (completely understandable considering the situation)! In all honestly I know there is nothing I can do except be a shoulder and make some food and stuff but I want to do more!!! And it hurts not to be able to help them the way I want to be able to!!

Last Monday I got a very special package at the airport, our dog Rambo! The adjustment phase with Princess isn't going as well as I would like it to but it is a slow process! they can be out together for short amounts of time but then they get a little rambunctious! He was very missed in his transition from Virginia to Hawaii!!

So some exciting news! I got another award from an awesome bloggy friend!

The Tea Cup blogger award from USS Retired!!

"This award may be passed to ONLY ONE! We all have that ONE blog that we look forward to every single day whether it's updated every day or not; that ONE blog that reaches to the depths of our soul; this is the ONE deserving of the "Tea Cup Blogger" Award. So -- because your blogging warms my soul like a hot cup of tea, you are deserving of this very special honor ... "

I have quite a few blogs that I follow and it was hard to choose! But I wanted to pick someone who hasn't yet received it and has always been a great bloggy friend!! One day we will totally have to get some tea (from starbucks of course) together!!

So I will be passing this onto ...

Andrea over at My chihuahua Bites!!
So I am heading off to bed and will be back around (hopefully) tomorrow!


Christina Lee said...

wow! Hawaii(I can't remember the spelling ever)-can't wait to hear more!
Awww Andrea totally deserves it!!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

you are so sweet to me! you always bring a smile to my face. one day we will have that coffee!

i'm sorry about your friend. i will keep him in my prayers.

how are things going for you? are you hanging in there?