Monday, March 9, 2009

I <3 Faces Week 9

So I totally enjoyed last weeks contest at I <3 Faces and am very proud to say that my first time up I was able to place in the top ten for the adults contest!!! Check upcoming update posts to hear more about me raving about this blog!!!! And everyone please I am totally open to constructive criticism!!! Comment comment comment!!!
This photo was creatively cropped in the picture taking phase! My husband relaxing after a long day watching our daughter play with the kids in the neighborhood! I cleaned it up a little (with the best of my ability at this point) using photoshop 7!

This is the original! My baby girl Addisyn loves the Peanut shell sling I have and I was trying to capture her comfort in it (though she doesn't look very happy at the moment!) I took it utilizing a common method (the mirror effect LOL!!) and it turned out kinda cute! It needed some clean up and a creative cropping but I am quite happy with the after product! I just wish I knew how to make her blue eyes pop!!
The after!! My creative cropping was to highlight her beautiful face! After cleaning up the image I am quite happy with the end result she looks so fresh. The only other thing I would love to do with this picture is make her beautiful blue eyes stand out because unfortunately the pictures I take do her eyes no justice!!

Well all who want to know I will have an update coming soon I promise I have not fallen off of the blogging wagon!! I have just been kinda busy and my computer just doesn't seem to like me!!! Hopefully I will have a fabulous new one very very soon!!!


TuTu's Bliss said...

Cute crops! Did you hear about all the great give aways today? I think you'll like can blog by for the details. There are over a hundred contests and prizes to win!!

Kate said...

Both pictures are great!! Great baby picture! What great eyes!

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Such a cutie!!!

iHeartFaces said...

We are so glad that you entered your photos into our weekly challenge. The photo of your baby all snuggled up is precious!

We just wanted to leave a quick reminder that you need to enter the permalink to your blog post into our Mr. Linky each week (not the link to the home page of your blog.) If you are not sure how to find the permalink to your post, please read the tutorial that can be found in the FAQ's section of our website (

We have fixed this week's entry for you. :)

Thank you,

~Amy & Angie
co-founders of iHeartFaces

Sharon said...

Very nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome photos. I checked out the I <3 Faces blog - FELL IN LOVE - even put their tag on my own blog. I'm hoping to be able to start participating - maybe after school is out for ths summer and things slow down a little bit for me personally.

Hope you and the girls are doing well. I'm glad you've found a project that seems to keep you busy. Have a great rest of your week and always look forward to hearing from you.

Julie Rivera Photography said...

(I am married to an Army guy but I grew up with a Navy dad and I served in the Navy...Go Navy! Beat Army! :) ) Love the lounging picture of your husband. If it were me, I might be tempted to crop in even tighter, in an effort to eliminate the car from the background and focus solely on his pose. And you were absolutely right to crop in so tight on your daughter. That face is too sweet!