Sunday, March 15, 2009

A great weekend

For once I really don't have much to say (though I am sure I will find more to say LOL), this weekend was pretty chill around here!

A quick update on my neighbor...

His surgery went well they were able to remove the entirety of the mass in his bladder, though it took a little longer and was a little more intricate than the doctors had anticipated! He had some small issues after and wound up having to go back in to repair some small areas that were still bleeding! but is now in full recovery mode from the surgery! They released him from the hospital today and as far as I know he is on the road to recovery but only time will tell so please no matter what your religion or beliefs please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, as they are going to need many as he battles through this!!

Ernie is doing well in Mississippi! He has had some great accomplishments this past week. And even though I would love to share those with everyone but I don't think it is good for me to share them with the Internet considering the job he is going to do!! I know I say this a lot but the pride that I feel for the man I married is indescribable!! My sun, my moon and my eternity!!

Addisyn had an ultrasound this past week Tuesday on a knot that developed after she was born on the back of her head! I had taken her in for her 4month well baby and addressed it and was told that it was a lymph node. That diagnoses was not sat in my book it just seemed like the dr was giving me a quick answer to get rid of me (I HATE when a Doctor does that!!! HELLO we are mom for a reason Listen to us when we have a concern!!) Well of course I didn't take that answer and 2 days later at Cami's 3 year check up I addressed the issue with her (Cami's) PCM (Primary Care Manager for those non military types reading). He was AWESOME He totally agreed that the feel of it was wrong for it to be a lymph node and immediatly suggested taking a look with and ultrasound! Well the radiologist came in and informed me that it is not a lymph node but a Subdermal Syst that is creating a scalloped indention on the plate of her skull! So now the next step is to have an MRI done and a consult with Neuro surgery! So I will keep everyone posted on the happenings of that! though I have already been told that it is going to have to be removed. How much truth was behind that I am unsure of so we will see!

Cami is beginning to handle Ernie being gone a lot better we got the Deployment DVD from Militaryonesource and it has been a godsend!! Though the whining has yet to be curbed so I am asking for some help here any advice that can be offered I am open too!! Though she has hit another fabulous childhood Milestone and I am so proud of her!! for her 3rd birthday one of her big momy and daddy gifts was a new bike (just a little 12in) and My baby girl can now ride...


It took about an hour but she can do it with absolutely no help whatsoever and I couldn't be more proud!! She is now the youngest in our neighborhood riding without them and it took her about an hour to completely get it! Though she has already given me a mild heart attack with it LOL!! She is so advanced when it comes to stuff like this and I can't wait to tell her Doctor about this LOL!! I will post some pictures soon but I gota couple of new toys last week that I am working on getting completely figured out so bear with me and keep checking back to this post and I will get them up ASAP!!

I am the proud new owner of my first lap top!!! snf I sm committing all of my pictures and music to an external drive so it will take me a bit to figure out what I am in need of doing!

Well Addisyn is awake and hungry so I need to assist her and get some rest myself! TTFN!!


Anonymous said...

Well for not much to say - LOL!! Your neighbor is my prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery and your little Addisyn is especially in my prayers. Be sure to keep us posted please. I hate so bad when the little ones are diagnosed with things like this. I'm glad your mommy instinct was in high gear and you didn't accept the lymph node answer. Hopefully, it's early enough in the process that it can be handled expediently and without much issue.

Glad you got the video from OneSource!! And yay for Cami on no training wheels. I'm impressed. Miss Ma'am still has to have hers but then again, we really haven't had a lot of time to practice without in recent months - so maybe this summer she'll get rid of hers too.

Give Ernie our best and let him know that he, too, is in our thoughts and prayers and as always - a huge thanks from one retired family to your active family. :)

AndreaLeigh said...

girl hang in there. you are going through some tough times so of course it is natural to have a roller coaster of emotions. why not schedule an appointment and talk with your doctor? there may be a medication that will allow you to keep nursing.

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