Sunday, April 19, 2009

UGH Life at it's best!

So I know I keep telling everyone that I will post more and then I am still at the same point I was and if anything have gotten worse about Posting! I have a couple of awards out there to pass on but to be honest right now I am not going to pass them on tonight! I am sorry to those who have awarded me but I am just not able to pass them at this point! I have probably been the worst blogger friend in the whole wide world recently! I apologize to all of you for not stopping by to comment I haven't even been reading my google reader (which is bad since I get that on my cell phone!)

These past few weeks i have been struggling with my role as mommy! I have not had the energy to do much of anything and I feel horrible! I feel as if I have been neglecting my duties as a mom because I have been neglecting myself! I have not allowed myself any me time! If I have ventured anywhere outside of my home it is with the girls and I feel the stress building! The sad thing is I have offers of people who are willing to watch my fussy, teething 6month old and my whinny not listening to anyone, think I can do as I please 3yr old! I am just afraid to let them and be embarrassed if she is as horrible there as she has been at home!

I am just glad that the first leg of this thing is almost over and he will be home again soon if even for only a few days! I think it is the pick me up that I need! I have missed him terribly and I think it may have shown via my blog and I am sorry for that friends! I apreciate all of the help and support you have all provided for me please don't give up hope on me yet!

So this summer I am planning on enrolling Cami in a couple of outdoor activities that I think will help her at home as well as getting the energy out! Swim Lessons start soon and I am planning on being the first one in the door that day! I want to take a Mommy and me class with Addisyn and miss no fear herself needs the lessons so if she ever decides (again) to just jump in unsupervised I can have a little bit of sanity knowing that she knows how to swim! I swear she will be the death of me if we don't find a positive oulet for all of her energy! And I want to encourage her to continue to be athletic. I never really was struggle with weight and self confidence issues now!

Addisyn is doing good she is almost 7months now and I can't beleive it! We are trying to cut in our bottom two teeth and they don't seem to wanna come through! We are having an issue with weight gain and the Dr and I are on top of it! The Dr is thinking that I am just not making enough breastmilk to sustain her so I have been on Reglan and pumping between feedings to help increase my milk supply and it is seeming to work a little but it doesn't seem to be as well as we were expecting! I am kinda close to excepting that I may have to supplement with formula I am just trying to hold on to nursing for as long as possible! My goal was atleast 1 year but if she self weaned before that I would be ok with it! As long as she is happy and developmentally on track I will try not to worry to much!It helps a little that we go back to the Dr. in the morning for a weight check so hopefully things will be looking up!

I will try to keep everyone up to date on how things are going but once again I will make no promises and I will try to get those Awards passed on soon!!! Thanks everyone for bearing with me!!


AndreaLeigh said...

i've been wondering how you were. hang in there. it isn't easy doing the single mom thing while the husband is gone, i'm sure. don't worry about the blog b/c i am sure people understand.

journeywoman said...

Keri, you were the same way at three. Relax, you turned out great! And, take one of those offers. She'll be better than you think and it will do you both good. I'm sure that the ones offering are quite aware of what a teething 6 month old and independent 3 year old are like. If they weren't sincere, they wouldn't offer!

All of you were always better at someone else's house when I wasn't there. I used to get compliments on how well you all behaved. So, lighten up and give yourself and the girls a different perspective of the world for a few hours.

And, I'm only a phone call, text message, or email away. I love you and I am so proud of you!

Brad and Lauren said...

Do take up any and all offers from others. I am sure that they would not be offering if they did not know your children. I have totally been more of an single mom than I ever wanted to be with my duaghter so hang in there. I know it is tough but you are stronger than you know. Focus on the good things and don't stress about the blog thing. I did the same thing when I was in your shoes, I took a 10 month break from life and I am just now getting back into the swing of things. Take a breath and relax. Don't feel embarrassed about your kids, let others help if they offer. You need it and it will be good for your kids too!!! They feel the stress that you emit even when you try not to show it. Good luck and best wishes!!

Miss Hope said...

If your kids are like any other kids? Then they ALWAYS behave better for anyone other than their parents! I hated letting my youngest take his ADHD self off to visit or for playdates. Come to find out? He's awesome at someone else's house. Go figure.

Take your friends up on the offers. I know offers like that have saved my ENTIRE sanity since we moved so far away from family.

Hang in there and before you know it? You'll have kicked this separation (by military) in the butt!