Thursday, March 4, 2010

OMG I am back LOL!!

I am back with no promises! Only a hope of future postings! Last time I posted was to far back to give a detailed summary of past events so I will give a quick review if you need any elaboration on anything just ask and I will try to return with an answer of some sort! In late July early aug my baby girl was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder (Infantile Spasms) we have been working since then on controling the seizures and working on the developmental delays that are a side effect! Cami has been almost as healthy as a horse just helping me get through the craziness! Ernie Came home for R&R the end of Sept beginning of Oct. and was able to celebrate his birthday as well as Addisyn's first with us as a family! It was wonderful and I missed him very much! Nov flew by and then we spent December in AK visiting with my family!! We ventured back to "warm " climates the beginning of January and things were a whirlwind of un packing and trying to get the house and girls ready for the arrival of the bestest present ever!!! The Daddy man came home the beginning of February ending his IA tour!! It was a wonderful, exciting day for us! The best part was Daddy was FINALLY HOME!!!! 3 weeks later My BIG BABY GIRL TURNED 4!!!!! Cami is turning into such a big girl I can not believe how quickly time has flown! Now that February is done and Ernie is returning to work next week we will settle back into a routine! Cami has started gymnastics and is loving it and Addi has been seizure free since the first week of Jan. We have started weaning her off of her seizure medicine!!! i will do my best to keep the posts coming! But you can be my friend on FB to get a more up to the min play by play of our CRAZY life LOL!! Thanks everyone!!!


Joe and Samantha said...

Welcome back to the blogging world- Looking forward to reading!

Artwork by Lauren Martinez said...

Hey girl glad to see you got back on woohooo!! love your blog its too cute!

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!! So great to hear from you again & looking forward to future postings :)