Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Almost found my groove!!

And then I realized that I have not been on here in FOREVER it seems like it anyway! I am doing good so far though the last few weeks have been difficult! We had some friends move back out here at the end of May and they stayed with us here until they got their house (which I am blessed is only 2 houses down from me!!) And since they got here all of our children have had a variety of run ins with the sickies! Cami started with a viral cold that was supposed to go away within a few days (a week tops the doc said) that lasted 3 weeks and at the 3.5 week mark she started spike 103+ degree fevers! I took her back in and he once again tried to tell me it was viral and I let him know in my expert mommyness that I strongly disagreed and so he agreed to consider it was a sinus infection! So after putting her on a round of Antibiotics it has completely cleared up and we are almost done with them! But now she is complaining of an Earache! Addi got to experience her first ever trip to the ER and I am pleased to say it was about as good as any trip to the ER could be! (Especially at a Military Hospital!) She had the Croup (for those who don't know what that is it is a virus of sorts that sets up in the airway and causes a barking kind of cough sounds really similar to a seal!) Before I took her in I thought that was what it was so I started trying to treat it at home by sitting in steam and rubbing vicks on her chest and such but then it took an odd turn and it wasn't so much coming out as a cough! She was making the same sound but it was as she inhaled so that freaked me right out and I took her in! 2.5hours a breathing treatment and a round of oral steroids and home again we went with out another issue! (My friends have a boy and a girl so until I take the time to ask said friends if they mind me mentioning their names these two will be refered to by the gender that they represent!) So Boy Started out with just a cold and a week later had an ear infection and then 3 weeks later has now had a go with the sinus infection! Girl (who is 22days younger than Addi) has had a go around with the sinus infection! So now that gets to the me part! I now (almost positive without having gone to see the Doc yet!) believe that I have a little if not all of what all said above children have had! I have a sinus infection definitely the pressure is unbearable and the mucus (sorry if this is a bit TMI) is green and gross! My chest though it is tight is not yet wheezing (which for me being an Asthmatic is a miracle in itself) I have a whooping bark of a cough that has the power to bring me to my knees and make me pee my pants (i should probably do more of those Kegal things my momma kept on me about while i was pregnant LOL) if I am not careful! I feel like my head is constantly underwater! Unless I know you are directly talking to me I can't hear you so don't try and holler to me from a different room especially if there is a lot of other stuff going on! I have alos come to realize because of all of this that even though I know I hate being sick and I know I make a lousy patient (my momma will atest to that one!) My husband takes the best care of me when I am sick (not nearly as good as my momma but a close 2nd) It is times like these when I need to sleep in or take a nap so I can get back to 100% quickly he looks afer me! He fetches me OJ and soup (even if he has to get someone else to make it LOL) He is an AWESOME man and I hate that he is gone I miss him so much!

So today I am having a slightly rough slightly productive day! I have done really awesome at catching up on the laundry that I have been neglecting til I ran out of onsies for the baby LOL! (Bad mom I know!) But All of the baby and kid laundry is put away and I am working on mine (by working on it I mean the washing and drying are taking place and the putting away may commence when it is all clean and dry LOL) I got my kitchen and living room cleaned and the toy room looks like the cleaning fairy did her job the only thing I did not get done is sweeping and mopping and the backyard (which would probably be a good idea to do while I can't smell anything LOL!!!) It is rough cause I miss him and I just wanna lay on the couch and be sick with him here to take care of the things I don't feel like taking care of because I am sick! To just be able to sleep and not have to wake up at the butt crack o dawn because Addi pooped in her sleep and it woke her up (my kid is weird!!!) and now she wants to kick at 3am! Ugghhh I just want life to be simple and normal again! I detest seeing happy couples all around me cause it makes me ridiculously jealous and I wanna SCREAM!!!!!!! Please Just send him home safely and make this deployment go faster!

Even through all of the sickies miss Cam was still able to attend her weekly swim lessons and has flourished! She is doing so good at it as soon as I can I will post her swimming pictures (cause of course I have taken a bunch!) But for now since I have dosed myself with some Tylenol Sinus and Robitussin I am taking my sickly self to bed! I will update again soon!

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hey girl! update when you can!