Thursday, March 25, 2010

A couple new adventures and a Picture Show

My first adventure may very well turn out to be a flop as I am going to try to teach myself
how-to make Bows! And yes I did say bows as in little cutesy keep my daughter little as long as
possible Bows! I am thinking some of it is going to be VERY easy But I do foresee a bit of an issue
when it comes to making the Traditional style double loop boutique style Bow! But I think I will get it eventually!
I actually found a REALLY cheap Ribbon store online and am currently waiting on my first of two
orders! I am currently just going to make them for my girls and maybe a few of the neighbor girls!
Time will tell and if it is meant to be an adventure I am supposed to take! Please just pray that
the right path reveals itself soon!!

So my second Adventure is my Camera! My Loving DH purchased my first DSLR for me and
I am in love!!! I feel inspired to seek out new pictures daily so I think that it is time for some
formal education on the subject! I have decided that I need to Look into going back to school and I think I wanna go for Photography! Learning the ins and out of my camera and how to edit photo's is something I feel I could do and enjoy for a long time! Like everyone who turns a hobby into a job I am afraid I will lose the love for it but only time will tell!!!

So it has been a while since I posted any new pics and with the permission of some of my friends and neighbors there may be few children who don't belong to me LOL!

My oldest... She Turned 4 the end of last month!
She is a spirited little girl with all the umph and gusto of a Sumo Wrestler!!!
Oh and She has Daddy WRAPPED!!!! LOL
~Camille Sierra~

My Beautiful 17month old Daughter
A seizure disorder diagnosis in August has not slowed her down and I think she is out to set some Medical record or something!
A new Diagnosis of Mild Autism won't get her either!!
She is currently Seizure free since the beginning of January!!!!!!
Currently weaning off of Toprimate suspension!!
~Addisyn Makaia~

His Mother (Kissy) and I have been friends since we met when Ernie and I married! Her Husband and Ernie were in Sub School together and then parted ways as "Sprocket" went to his "A" School and Ernie went straight to the boat! Long story short after Sprocket was done with "A" School he wound up on the same boat as Ernie! Kissy and Sprocket were married a mere 6months prior! Kissy and I became pregnant at just about the same time (about a month apart) and Cami and The Boy were born 39 days apart! So we were stationed on the first boat together and then we parted ways (a little prematurely) and went to VA while they finished their time in Hawaii (that go around LOL) a little over a year later they were in VA with us though Ernie was just on a different boat and Sprocket had managed to make it to Shore Duty! It was great being able to be somewhat close again! On Superbowl Sunday we went to their house to watch the game and enjoy some friend time when Kissy and I told each other we were pregnant again LOL! But Sadly Ernie and I were moving again!! Back to Hawaii! Even though we were apart we still stayed in touch LOL! Good thing to because less than a year after we parted with them in VA Spocket decided it would be a wise decision for them to cancel their shore duty billet and head to back to a sea command! (It just happened to be the boat we left LOL) Well the cool thing about the new command for them was it was due for a homeport relocation....but where?? You guessed it right back her to Hawaii! We were blessed that they were able to move in not directly next door but a couple of houses down! These people have become our family and I would have been lost without them while Ernie was gone to Afghanistan!!! Sprocket fed me and Kissy kept my chin up and a smile on my face as much as possible!!! These people are AMAZING!!! We couldn't ask for better friends!!

So this is the Boy!!!
Isn't he a cutie!!
I love him!!!
And he is smart as smart can be!!!
He is Cami's Best Friend!!!

This is Menace!!
(That is said with all the love and heart an Auntie can give!!)
Don't let her cute facade fool you she is T_R_O_U_B_L_E!!! She very much reminds me of Cami when she was this age!!

And because I have just been messing around on Picasa lately (hence why everything is in Collage form today!) One more Collage for the road!

These are from our most recent trip to the Zoo!!
Honolulu Zoo
March 2010!!!!

Ok so that is it for tonight folks I am going to head to bed because unfortunately I am feeling a bit under the weather as I feel a Sore throat coming on!!
God Bless

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Sheila said...

All those pictures are really cute! I think learning to make your own bows is great! Here is a good website to help you out: It helped me make some super cute bows!

would love to see pics of your bows when you get some done!