Friday, December 12, 2008

Since the Computer is working I present you with Fabulous Friday!

Well sorry all the Computer was not working last weekend for me to post! Sometimes technology Sucks LOL!!

So anyway our weekend is looking pretty lax! Right now I am doing laundry and being kinda Lazy! I really should probably doing something other than making a blog but I don't feel like it!
Tonight we are watching a friends daughter while they go to there ship Holiday party! And we are probably going to take the girls to Pearl Harbor's Winterfest celebration! They will have Santa and a boat ride around the harbor to see all of the lights on the ships! Sounds like fun doesn't it!
Tomorrow is Saturday! I get to sleep in til Ernie has to go to school! But I think tomorrow is his last math class of the semester (he still has a politics class on Monday)After his class I don't know what we will do probably make dinner and play some Wii as a family maybe a walk around the neighborhood! Sunday I am kinda hoping it is nice cause I would love to go do something! I dunno what but I just wanna get out of the house for a change!!!! What we do may be very dependent on what the weather is doing because we here in Hawaii have entered into the winter months and that means bring on the rain!! Everywhere else gets snow and we get rain yay! I like the rain as long as it is warm outside and I can listen to it beat on my bedroom window! (which means I get to stay in bed!) But that rarely happens so I don't care for it too much LOL especially if I have to drive in it! An honest me though very much prefers rain over snow! A cold weather person I am not!!

So is everyone ready for the holidays? Whatever religous pfrernce you may have please remember the reasons for the season! Enjoy spending some quality time with your families and friends, and try to remember those who are with out this year! Many of our nations foodbanks are getting quite low and can not help those who truly need it! So please even if you can only give one item it counts and if everyone gave just one on a regular basis the amounts would keep growing! So please use this link to find your Local Food bank and give back to your community! With today's economy you never know if it could be you one day who needs help, so please Pay it forward!
Have a great weekend see you for some TatT!!

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AndreaLeigh said...

I'm not ready. I'm so stressed out that I think I'm starting to miss out on the fun of everything. I need to slow down!