Friday, March 4, 2011

Oops I did it again...

and that is not a reference to a rather infamous pop princess!
But rather the beginning of an apology to my bloggy world friends! It has been almost a year since my last post and I feel incredibly awful about it!! So I am going to try and be a bit better about these things! Like I have said in the past though I suck at follow through! LMAO!!

So crazy it has almost been a year!!! I left off in May 2010! We had just moved into a bigger (4bedroom) house for our expanding family! Now it is March 2011 and i am having a hard time remembering the events of the last 10months! Actually now that i think about it life was pretty mundane! I had lots of Dr appointments, Ernie worked alot!

Cami Started gymnastics at last march at Island Tumblers in Waipio! Cami and I absolutely LOVED her class there! But sadly a mere 7months after starting, her skill out grew the way they instruct and advance! When they made the decision to not move her forward because of her age (despite that she had the skill level to move forward) we decided that maybe she would be better suited for a different gym! We found a new Gym home at Hawaiian Island Twisters!! We made the transfer November 1st and have not regretted a moment! Cami since joining has advanced 2 levels and starts testing again starting Monday :)

Addi has had a lot of therapy!! As of mid May we added a Behavioral therapist, a Skills trainer, and speech therapy! Though we kinda furloughed for a while after Emmi was born! Trying to find a routine that worked for us was a bit difficult! We restarted our 1hour a week therapy in January and have been maintaining that pretty well. Next week we meet again with everyone and will be adding the behavioral therapy and skills trainer! I will also be scheduling her speech therapy again! The only areas she is behind in at the moment that I know of (unofficially) are social and speech! I will update on that after our meeting on Tuesday and let everyone know where her official standings are! :)

On November 16th we added a beautiful 7lb. 18in. baby girl to our family! Emmilee Ariana (Emmi) was born via cesarean at 0600!! A week earlier than planned but that is ok! She has been such a wonderful blessing in our household and her older sisters love her soooo much!! Now she is almost 16 weeks (she will be Mar. 8th) and is doing amazing things! She sleeps through the night she has just started laughing and she smiles so much!

As for the four legged furry members of our family! The move was ROUGH!!! The new house was a hard adjustment for them! The backyard had/ has many flaws and we had a lot of "repairs" to do (which really sucked cause we live in Military housing and that is supposed to be their job! But they didn't deem my dogs escaping the fence was an issue they needed to fix!) So after having to hunt Rambo (our Shi Tzu) down numerous times and him even having an overnight jaunt in Doggy Jail (aka the Humane Society!) The day Rambo had his overnight stay Princess (our Black Lab mix) also flew the coup!! Rambo was picked up in Pearl City (which is about a 10- 15min drive from the house) and Princess was never found! :( She was never reported to the Humane society or to Animal control, so our hopes are that someone found her and took her in and loves her as much as we did/ do! A few months later when we gave up the hope of Princess coming home we decided to make another trip to the Humane Society! We just wanted to go take a look around, we had no intention of adopting that day! Well... we met Rocco! We adopted him that day :) He is a Corgi Terrier mix (he looks like a goofy bat dog LOL)

I recently have joined the Pampered Chef bandwagon! LOL Well I have been on board for a while but I finally decided to take a leap of faith in the company, the product, and most of all myself! I became an Independent Sales Consultant! I love pampered Chef products!! I am extremely excited for this journey! And amazingly E was on board and all for me signing up! For him to have the faith in me that I don't always have in myself means so much to me!! Such an amazing and wonderful husband I have!!

Which leads me to the last of this EXTRA long post!

6YEARS!!! Ernie and I have been Married for 6YEARS!!! Wooo hooo! To the naysayers who said we would never make it here is my big fat rude gesture!! These years have been trying, with less than stellar commands, pointless separations (military kind not marriage,) deployments, 3 pregnancies (and child births,) 2PCS moves and all the little in and out work ups! We still have each other and I look forward to so many more wonderful years to come! It can and will only get better!!!

Ernie if you read this! I want you to know and never forget that I Love you beyond any and every distance we have ever conquered! You are an amazing father, a wonderful friend and some other things that shouldn't be mentioned on a PG rated blog! You are my one and only true love! Lets knock out the next 100+ years together!

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