Friday, May 21, 2010

And we are in

It has been 2 weeks since the move was accomplished! Aside from the frustration of my husband and family friend putting everything except for large furniture pieces in the garage it went well LOL! I have SLOWLY been unpacking and organizing things and am in the process of making a freecycle/ CL/ Goodwill pile in the garage (that might I add is not growing in the desired way I had hoped!) The girls are adjusting as well as can be expected! Cami is missing her friends from the loop something terrible and that makes me super sad and wonder if me choosing the housing with more sq footage and carpet was the right choice. I miss my friends too but I have the luxury of having a drivers license and the ability and knowledge of how to properly use a telephone! I guess we will just have to make more playdates! After I get the house more organized and cleaned! Thanks everyone for bearing with me while I get all of this stuff completed and finally have a decent looking house LOL

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