Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are still alive in the land of Aloha..

And Just so everyone knows I never was good at keeping a diary!

So Cami and Addi are in ALLSTAR CHEERLEADING with Cheer808 Allstars and for those who are interested we are heading to Vegas for competition in February! Ernie put on E6 the beginning of May and there is nothing exciting going on with me just playing house and chauffeur! I really need to find something for me just not sure what yet! So here are some updated pics of the girls...
Emmi and her friend playing with bubbles
Addi running "boxcar" races at boot camp childcare.
Cami and her friend posing at putt putt!
Addi facetiming her bestfriend (or boyfriend as she calls him)!
Me relaxing at the pool!! Loving Hawaiian life!!
E sleeping so peacefully!! (Probably gonna kick my butt for posting this LOL)

Until next time...

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