Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An update and new family pictures!!

Well Ernie is on the airplane heading back to MS and then he will go from there to the final destination till he comes back home to me! I am super sad and Cami went to drop him off with me (Addi stayed at home with a friend) that was horrible... she was not happy about him leaving! Heading off to bed though (hopefully sleep will come easy) Here are some pictures from our portrait session!


Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful family photos!! Godspeed to Ernie! :)

Shout out if you need a shoulder.

journeywoman said...

Oh, Keri! These are awesome! Hang in there, I'm only a phone call away! Love, Mom (aka Mimi >busting my buttons with pride<

Miss Hope said...

The pictures are just absolutely perfect!

Hang in there, Keri! Know we're all here for you to lean on if need be!