Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So I am totally getting into this blogging thing!

I have discovered a few new things in this bloggy world that I find completely awesome, and I feel I need to start participating in some of these things in the blogging world! SOOO...

COMING SOON!!!(probably starting next week)

1.Tuesday at the Table (aka TatT)
I am super excited because as much as I like to cook I find myself being way lazy! So if I have interesting foods to cook because my many readers need to know what we are eating than it gives me a purpose!
Let me just go ahead and say now that I by no means am a "healthy" eater! I am a fat kid (Paula dean is one of my idols) and I like my cake!! Sometimes I may come across an awesome recipe that is healthy and quick and easy, I promise to share! But I do not cook for healthful reasons, I cook because I like food! And I like to eat! I am a subscriber to Cooking light magazine so occasionally expect to see something from there! If I find something on someone else's TatT that we try and enjoy I will share and give credit to that person and if I make a adjustment (or a flat out change) I will link (note to self learn to link) to the original recipe and post my version!

2. Thoughtful Thursdays:
Sometimes I have a bunch of random thoughts that just need to be set free! So I am designating Thursdays for those! In the same breath I am a very thankful person and have many things to share my appreciation for! So expect to see some things that I am thankful for in with those random thoughts!

3. Fabulous Fridays!:
Friday is a Fabulous day of the week! And I would love to bask in all that is Fabulous about Friday. Whether it is showing off pictures of my BEAUTIFUL daughters or sharing whatever weekend plans my family may have with my blogging buddies!

Bear with me as I experiment and try out different things!
Thanks blogging buddies I look forward to sharing our stories with you!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be looking forward to this!! I've been thinking about doing some sort of sequence myself but I'm thinking I'll have to wait a while until I can totally be dedicated to it.

Good luck on this endeavor!

AndreaLeigh said...

It's ok, I'm a fat girl, too. My T@tT are never healthy. But they sure do taste good!