Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a quick update

Ok so things have been crazy but not too crazy! I really have no excuse for why I have not blogged to let everyone know we are alive other than the fact that I am now 29 weeks pregnant and lazy LOL! For those who don't know we are having another girl her name is going to be Addisyn Makaia! Addisyn was a pretty easy name for us to come by we both aggreed on it right away now Makaia however was another story!! We tossed around Ideas like we were playing basketball, and nothing seemed to fit it was such a difficult decision and Thanks go to our good friend (and one of Cami's many Titi's LOL) Leslie! I am sure we would still be heeing and hawing over what our poor daughters name would be had you not suggested Makaia! We both wanted it to sound Hawaiian (I would love to find a meaning for it but have yet to find one) but it had to fit between Addisyn and Williams. So many thanks to you hun if you read this!!
Addisyn is developing nicely I am now 29 weeks and go back to the Dr next Monday the 28th to see how she is doing and hopefully I will discuss the process for planning our c/s.
So far we are enjoying being back on Island and LOVING the fact that we still have some friends here! It has been awesome to reconnect with them and hang out! We have also made some amazing new friends in our neighborhood and can't wait to see what kind of adventures we find ourselves in with them!
Cami is doing great she has made the adjustment like any true Military child and is really getting into the swing of things! We are trying to potty train it is going ok I could ask for it to go better but I am not complaining about the progress we have made already! Now we are just going to finish putting the house together and get ready for "baby sister" to come. Once we getinto the swing of things with Addisyn Cami and I are going to stat working a little harder on preschool type learning! We may even start before then it just depends on how long it takes to get the house fully set up and unpacked!
Ernie is enjoying his new job for the most part I know I am enjoying the hours. He is excited about the fact that they push the guys to go to school and do volunteer work while in the command! He is looking into different schools in the area and is thinking about maybe doing online schooling. Whatever he decides to do I am here to support him over and beyond 100%. All I ask of him is that he be a good husband an amazing father and an awesome man!
Wish us all luck as we are all going to be busy busy busy in the next few months but we should (hopefully) find our groove rather quickly! I hope this comes to everyone in good health, and high spirits! We love you all!
The Williams Family!

I am working on figuring out how to post lots of pictures without it completely bogging down the page!!! As soon as I do you all will have lots of pictures to see on here!!!

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