Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring is in the Air!!!

Well everyone spring is less than a week away and we are so excited! Spring means new beginnings and we shall be having on very soon (well not so much a new beginning as it is somewhere we have been before.) Ernie has spoken to the detailer and we are headed back to Hawaii! We are excited apprehensive and a little sad! We were really hoping to be heading to San Diego so we could experience a new duty station. I am excited because as much as Ernie really wanted to go IA and spend some time in the east, I was not to excited to have him go! It will be nice to be stationed somewhere we have been and are familiar with! As soon as we have dates we will be sure to let everyone everywhere know!

As far as everything else things are going well! We are 12 weeks pregnant now and things are going great, our little peanut is growing big and strong! We have been bouncing names back and forth but we have come no where near a definitive answer for either sex!

Cami is getting big , bad, and cute (and she knows it!) She recently turned 2 and had an amazing birthday! Ernie unfortunately wasn't home for her birthday this year but that is how things go sometimes! I have a lot of pictures that I am currently putting into a few slide shows and will put on here as soon as they are ready! Each slide will have a range of photos from each year and I will continue to add and update them as time goes by! As well as I plan on doing specific slides for different events and family outings that we may do!

Well I hope this blog finds everyone in good health and good spirits! We all miss everyone and send our LOVE!!!!

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