Friday, August 15, 2008

Just an update!

Ok so the picture is a little old sue me LOL It is only from last month so no worries! I have lots of pictures from our fun Hike at Makapu'u point and I want to share them LOL!

Things here in Hawaii are going ok just kinda slow waiting 8 more weeks for Baby Addisyn to arrive and Cami is hitting the high point of her Terrible 2's (and not the good high point!!!) I am tired all of the time and it seems like sometimes I have NO patience whatsoever! Thankfully I have made some pretty awesome new friends and in the evening between them and there children I become a sane (semi) relaxed person LOL! Cami really enjoys playing with "her Guys" in the evenings and I can actually tolerate the heat! I thought I would be alright with the heat after being preggo with Cami here but it seems so much hotter now than it did then! I am sure it is because I had time for my body to adjust to the heat before I even got pregnant with Cami! And now I just freeze everyone out of our house LOL! Thank god housing picks up the electricity bill LOL I would hate to see what that looks like!

Well I guess I should update the munchkin blog! Hope everyone everywhere is enjoying life! We love and miss everyone!

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