Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have not abandoned everyone...

All is ok! Just been a bit CRAZY around this house!!

We found out back at the end of March that we are going to be blessed with another munchkin sometime in Nov! So now we are preparing to move to a larger house at the beginning of next month! Cami has started at a new Gymnastics program and she LOVES it! She has balance and coordination like no other 4yo I know! She is also starting T-ball in June! She is super excited about getting a new brother or sister! and She loves to tell everyone that Addi gets to be a big sister now too (it is like there is some secret society for big sisters!!)
Addi is doing ok we are making some progress in her developmental delays (not nearly as fast as I would like it to be but that is life!) She is now signing a little she does all done, more, and sometimes she says please! She is mimicking the sound of the word Hi which is a good step in the right direction for working towards the goal of her talking! We recently added new team members to Team Addi (as I like to refer to them LOL) with the addition of an Autism Diagnosis they were needed! Our team now consists of a Pediatrician, a Pediatric Neurologist, a Pediatric Psychiatrist, an Audiologist, OT/ PT therapist, Early education specialist, ABA therapist, a Student Skills trainer,and like 3 coordinators LOL! I am starting to lose my mind LOL!!! But things are slightly on the upswing! Addi has not had a seizure since the beginning of January! and we are completly weaned off of the seizure meds! Other than a few check ups and lots of therapy the biggest thing going on with her anytime soon is she is going to have to have a sedated ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response testing) the sometime in May! I will Keep you posted on when that is going to happen though!!
This past few weeks have been a somewhat whirlwind but in such a good way! We have really had a chance to bond as a family and enjoy our time together! We made a trip to the beach with Chrissi and the kids a couple of Saturdays ago! It was such a good day at the beach! We are moving a week from Thursday! So if I am pretty non existent (like that would be a new thing) at least you know I am not ignoring the blog I am just a bit busy LOL!

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