Monday, October 20, 2008

My View on the Vote!

I have found myself more interested in political things this year than in past years! I have never known much about politics and there for have never voted cause IMHO if you don't know anything about the topics you are voting for (in other words what the people running stand for and your own personal view on those issues) than you probably shouldn't make an uneducated vote!!
That being said I have been researching the candidates for this election cycle and am torn. I am really not overly comfortable with either becoming the president of our country ! How do you make a decision like this? How do you decide who is qualified and stands for the right things if you can not agree 100% with the values that the individual stands for?!?! How do you make a decision that will not only effect the immediate future but the future of the world our children will inherit?!
Ugghh I am off to wallow in my thoughts of who to choose! I myself will refuse to vote if it comes down to flipping a coin in my own head! And the reason for that being I feel that if you can't 100% stand behind the decision you make than you should not make that decision till you can!! Just my 2cents good luck to everyone else in making there own!!

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Melissa said...

I'm so frustrated with our choices this time. I joke with my mother about writing my own name on the ballot. LOL

For me, it has come down to figuring out where the candidates stand on the most important issues for me. That, in essence, means I've voting based on their stance on one issue, and who I feel will best take care of our military.

So disappointing.