Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hormones are driving me crazy!!

My hormones are so out of whack and it is really starting to frustrate me!!!

I know that this is so totally normal, but I don't like it! It seems like I have absolutely no patience for anyone (except Addisyn)! Cami has been so defiant!! Don't get me wrong I know it is a normal part of being 2 and then add in the new sibling (which I am sure has something to do with it) and you have a diabolical combination! Also in this defiant age we have also reached the "I Can't" Phase! For those of you reading who have yet to reach this phase I wish you the best of luck it is a difficult one to survive, and those of you survivors out there please share your pearls of wisdom!

Ernie and I are constantly in some idiotic argument because I am picking a fight! I don't want to fight with him, and I don't want to get angry with him but sometimes he just doesn't get it!! Over the last week I have had to return to the hospital for myself 3 times!! The first and second time because I developed an allergy to surgical adhesive after having Addisyn!!! Which means that all of the areas that they used any type of adhesive on me during my surgery now itched, and burned ridiculously. Apparently I also had blisters in those area's also (but I couldn't see them so I was oblivious to it till I looked!!) The 3rd time was because my incision started to come open and was getting infected!!! Well to remedy that problem my Dr put in a prescription antibiotic (Clindamycin), and sent me home with gauze and betadine!
While I was already there I mentioned the Crazy back pain I had been having! I show him the vicinity of the pin and he "highly" recommends me calling the SAC ward and speaking with an anesthesiologist! Apparently they can fix it with a "blood patch" not quite sure what that entails but I will share more after I talk to the nice people in SAC!!! Two days later I am back at the hospital again with my 23day old baby girl!!! She has a yucky nasty Viral cold (which for those of you without any knowledge of small children there is nothing that can be done for her except let it run its course!) Though of course before we were told that she just had a cold we went through the dreaded RSV/ Flu possibility in which the Dr advised me that we were going to be hospitalized overnight when the results came back positive!!! Of course I got emotional and cried thinking OMG I am a bad mom because I let my 2yr old get my new baby sick I should have done this and I should have done that!!!! The thought process was never ending!! Thankfully I have an awesome mother who calmed me right down and told me there was nothing I could have done different and that sometimes these things just happen! She also told me just take a deep breath and relax that all would be well!!! And everything was (well sorta) Addi is still sick but it is just a cold and it is getting a little better!! Stupid doctors sometimes they just don't think before they make an idiotic comment to a hormonal mother!!!

UGH it feels like the stress is never ending!!!

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Miss Hope said...

Hang in there! You WILL make it through, I promise.

My son had RSV his first Christmas (8 months old)...because of two older sisters with regular colds. He was a hair away from being put in the hospital. Talk about scary!

Just remember to take care of yourself...that is so important, too.