Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Let me just post to any OB/GYN's who in the future may read my blog!!! It is not nice or polite or even funny to give a very pregnant woman a C/S date and then change it!!!!
For those of you who have not gotten an update as to what is going on I apologize! I went back to the OB yesterday for my pre-op appt and was informed that someone else was taking priority on the date of my scheduled C/S! So I have been bumped back 2 days! Really not happy about this and really upset about it to be honest! Frustrated because all of the planning I have done is now having to be rearranged the people who have rearranged there schedules to accommodate me and my family in our time of need are now having to rearrange their rearrangements! UGGHH I don't even know if that last sentence made any sense! So now my scheduled date is for the 1st of October. If I go into labor naturally before my scheduled date they will just take her then! So please everyone sends lots of labor dust my way! As I am waiting impatiently for Addisyn to get here!!

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Miss Hope said...

Crap! Man, I hate that for you! I'll say a little "labor" prayer for you, girl! Hang in won't be long now!